John Madden? Troy Aikman? Dick Vitale? All of these commentators lurk in the shadows of the Backyard Baseball Legend that is Vinnie "The Gooch".

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In Depth Analysis

While John Madden may have provided thought-provoking interjections such as "Boom!", "Whap!", "Bang!" and "Doink!", "The Gooch" was able to use simple analogies to show the results of big plays.  When Pablo Sanchez blasted a two-run homer to deep left, the Gooch would show his approval with his signature catchprashe "Sweet as candy I tell ya.  I like candy.  Everybody likes Candy.  That's why Halloween is such a popular holiday".  If Keisha Phillips struck out swinging to Amir Khan on a Crazyball, "The Gooch" would express his fear of a deadly pitchers with "I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley...I wouldn't want to meet him in a light alley either. Alley's are scary!"

Use of the Third Person

Dick Vitale never referred to himself as "Big Dick", but "The Gooch" loved to use his name any chance he had.  Pete Wheeler stretches a bunt into a triple?  "Vinnie The Gooch is lovin' that!"  Kenny Kawaguchi pitches a perfect game?  "The Gooch likes that.  Yeah, gimme some more of that!"

Priceless Banter With Sunny Day

Let's face it.  Sunny Day is a know-it-all goody two-shoes.  For someone as suave as "The Gooch" to turn this odd couple into a broadcasting tag-team of destruction, a bit of playful ragging was definitely in order.  Who could forget the classic exchange in that all-important clash of the titans between the Junior Fishes and the Humongous Giants where Sunny opened the broadcast with "This is Sunny Day and my Pal Vinnie the Gooch saying a hearty Hi-Ho to you."  "The Gooch," unenthused with the fact Sunny was putting words in his mouth, set the record straight by responding, "Waaaaiiit a minute.  The Gooch does not under any circumstances say "Hi ho". Sunny Day may be saying "Hi ho", but The Gooch just says YO!".

He Always Finished the Corn Dog

While only the most perceptive of players may have picked up on this, "The Gooch" always started each game with a fresh corn dog, and finished with an empty stick.  How "The Gooch" was able to eat so many corn dogs and keep his lean physique is beyond impressive.  If John Madden tried to eat this many corn dogs, his career would probably ended in cardiac arrest.

His Name is "The Gooch"

Need I say more?