Since the downfall of the traditional record industry, more and more musicians are turning to the restaurant business. While there are many... Here is a list of some of the more successful "rockstar restaurants".
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Published November 14, 2010


Burger Kiss


Panda Express Pistols

CinnaBuns N Roses

CinnaBon Jovi

au bon Jovi

Papa Jon's

Cipotlynyrd Skynyrd

W.A.S.P. Fridays

Pantera Bread

C+C Cheesecake Factory

Little Run DMCeasars

Cypress Hilltop Steakhouse

Taco Bel Biv Devoe

Uno Chicago Grille

Boston Market

Pick Up Styx

Dairy Queen


Bob Seger's Big Boy

Ringo Starbucks

Hooters and the Blowfish

STPF Changs

Rolling Stone Creamery

Faith No Morton's

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Red Hot Chili's Peppers

The Restaurant Formerly Known as Quiznos

Dunkin Danzig

Olive Gwarden

Great White Castle

Pizza Heart

Combination Pizza Heart and Taco Bell Biv Devoe

Iron MaidIn-N-Out