Courteney Cox and David Arquette have split. Now that she's a real life cougar with a taste for younger men, here are some famous boy toys she should consider.

The Situation

Claim to fame: star of Jersey Shore
Age: 28
Why they should date:
He has everything you could want in a younger man: a freakish obsession with tanning, a best selling iPhone app, and an unnecessary nickname for his abdominal muscles.

Mark Zuckerberg

Claim to fame: invented Facebook
Age: 26
Why they should date:
He's a nice Jewish boy from New York. Plus, do you really want him to spend the rest of his life hitting the refresh button on his ex-girlfriend's friend request?

Ashton Kutcher

Claim to fame: married to Demi Moore
Age: 32
Why they should date:
He has experience dating older women and it looks like his relationship with Demi is about to implode. Better jump on him before he ceases human contact and his entire body fuses with Twitter.

Kurt from Glee

Claim to fame: can hit really high notes in his glee club
Age: jailbait
Why they should date:
If there's one person who can turn a gay man straight, it's someone whose last name is Cox.

Antoine Dodson

Claim to fame: Bed Intruder Video ( )
Age: 24
Why they should date:
You don't have to call for his address, he's looking for you. He's gonna find you, he's gonna find you.