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To be a hippie.
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Additional Credits:

You might be a Hippie if!

Are you into orgies in the woods on a bunch of drugs having all kinds unprotected sex & what not at the same timethe band sting cheese ( or what ever jam band your into.) is jaming out with out rubers?

Are you Protesting Wall Street?.

A you Smoke weed everytime you 420.

Are you home Schooling your kids?

Only drinking home Brews A.  

Rock dirty ass dreadlocks and acting like there Rasta when your a white person for the USA.

No makeup + no deodorant and rockin the same close you wear every day of life = Hippiefide

Your really into Jam Bands, Folk & Adult Alternative music and art but only if knows who the hell they are.

Are you flow the severing members of the Grateful Dead?

Growing weed and selling it because your part of the Hippie Mafia. (hook it up!)

U Think that we are all a part of one infinite source that make up ever thing and more so your soul calls out for you to start a drum circles so you can feel the source flow inside you.

You never stop talking about the bands there in because your band is going to save the world with love.

You Think Bob Dylan's soul has been dead for years.

U say shaving your body / using deodorant and using makeup blocks your true Beauty of outer self and it makes people look like sh*t.

You don't know anyone by there real name because you have earthy nicknames for everyone right.

Your voting for Gary Johnson in 2012.

You never stop posting things up online about the "NWO".  

Your using your squatters rights every single day so you can see the world with out a dime to your name.

Trust me it's ok i been there myself you all.

LOOK the Hippie bullsh*t died out in the 70s people! So way not join us all here in 2013 and just be a vegan.


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