Loglines for some of the best dramas on TV if they had been pitched as sitcoms.

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September 01, 2011

Bada Bing!

The hijinks and foibles of these mobsters are so crazy, their boss Tony is in therapy! 

Scientific METHod

Mr. White is a high school chemistry teacher with some pretty outside the box ideas for scientific application!

Follow The Money

Lester Freamon is all set to retire to a life of making doll furniture, when suddenly he’s pulled back into a life of police work with a brash young partner who makes up his own rules. 

The Peaks!

Big city lawman Dale Cooper has his hands full trying to solve the case of his career in a small town full of oddball characters, where no one is quite that they seem.  

Good Copy

A case of mistaken identity leaves Dick Whitman in charge of a high powered Madison Avenue ad agency! But soon discovers living his dream life isn't as easy as it might seem!

Bury Me

Nate Fisher never thought he’d get stuck running the family business, but luckily his father’s ghost will be happy to show him the ropes! 

Hugo's Island

A ragtag group of survivors, including a doctor, a millionaire, and a fugitive, try to get along on a strange island after their plane crashes.  Will they ever get home? 

Just Visitin'

Talk about co-habitation when a whole alien civilization drops by Earth for a visit.  But do they ever plan to leave? 

Is It Earth Yet?

Captain Adama has his hands full with a fleet full of civilians, inexperienced pilots, a naggy president, and some particularly pesky robots!