While the 90s were a time of peace, prosperity, and progress for America, technological advances mixed with a slow economy ultimately sent these beloved characters to the unemployment office.

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Big Bob Pataki

bigbob_beeper_king_hey_arnold.jpegThe beeper was once a ubiquitous and cutting-edge communication device, however the 21st Century was not so kind to the one and two-way pager. With that said it would be hard, if not impossible, to imagine that Big Bob Pataki could have kept Big Bob's Beepers alive and running. Most likely Big Bob filed for bankruptcy, invested his remaining money in Olga's failed singing career, but ultimately struck it big after wining a class action lawsuit against the company that sold Miriam her patented "smoothies".

Phil Funnie


Phil Funnie was always a hardworking man who was rarely seen at home. But with the advent of digital cameras, developing photographs at a department store became a profession of the past. Phil once said to Doug, "Show me a man who resorts to violence, and I'll show you a man who has run out of good ideas". Let's just hope Phil found a good idea to support the Funnie household, or else Bluffington would have felt the wrath of a clumsy, awkward man who bottled up his emotions for 40+ years.

Stu Pickles

tumblr_le470mxD6N1qb9w8so1_250.jpgThe 21st century has seen KB Toys go out of business and Toys "R" Us teeter on the verge of bankruptcy. With that said it's hard to imagine an absent-minded toy inventor could have continued to make a living. Let’s just thank the lord times aren’t as hard now as they were during Grandpa Lou’s days, or else Stu would have to walk fifteen miles in the snow barefoot just to get to the unemployment office.


432772.jpegWhile some comic book stores are still chugging along, Kind of a Lot O' Comics never really had a lot of business, and Mr. Smitty never seemed like a boss who could keep up with the changing times. But needless to say Rocko is the kind of wallaby who always lands on his feet, and with a friend like Filburt to help him he probably landed a job at Chokey Chicken, the Department O' Motor Vehicles, the GooglePlex Cinema, Stuff on a Stick, or simply whored himself out to Mrs. Bighead.

Dr. Lipschitz


There's no way this quack could have possibly kept his medical license this long.  God only knows what kind of psychological harm he inflicted on Tommy and Dil.