top 25 sexy ladies of sportscasting from all over the world.
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Published March 21, 2011

Double DAMN!

1. Windy Nix ("she is a 10 and then some with her spunky Little self with her Hazel eyes, blonde hair and purkey as all hell  tits")
2. Jenn Stergers ("just looking at her pics makes me want to text my junk to her")
3. Danyelle Sargent ("all I have to say is TITTIES!")
4. Jillian Barberie-Reynolds (she can really work that ass)
5. Lisa Guerrero ("even her name is sexy + she is the godmother the sexy sportscaster")
6.trenni Kusnierek ("Nice and thick in all the right places")
7. Lisa Dergan ( "i dont even know what to say besides FUCK ME!!")
8.Cindy Buronson ( "as fit as it gets with her fine self")
9. Mieke Bucham ( "I would like to go down under on her")
10. Erin  Andrews ( "she is  good lookin all away around by me")
11.Shana Hiatt (she will show you what is she working with and thats a whole lot of sexy)
12.Jamie Little ("she keeps the spice hot" ;} )
13. Tina Cervasio ( "nice hair keeps it tan nice ass & hell AH nice tittes!" )
14.Hazel Mae ("bigiest tits I have ever seen on asian looking women")
15. Adriana Monsalve (she is like a mix between Danica Patrick & Lisa Guerrero")

O Sweet Lord!

16.Leeann Tweeden ("she gets more slamin ever time I see her")
17. Linda Cohn ( "can anyone say Cougar!")
18. Erin  Bates ("she gives me the need for speed")
19. Lindsay Soto ( Hiyo!)
20. Jody Vance ( "a real hard ass")
21. Rachel Nichols ( "all I have to say when i see her is thank you god!")
22. Heather Cox ("with that sexy smile and smoking body you cant go wrong")
23. Jeannie Edwards ( "she seems like a super Freak")
24 Dana Jacobson ('with that big old behind" me like E" )
25. Colleen Dominguez ( Makes my dangiez tingle")