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25 ways to know your old lady is cheating on you.
Published October 30, 2011 More Info »
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Published October 30, 2011

#25. There is a diffrent "Delivery Man" at the house everyday.

#24. She likes it up the but.

#23. You been to the ER because of blue balls.

#22. You haven't seen a dilldo in the house for a long time.

#21. your kids don't look anything like you but they look a whole hell of a lot like your best friend.

#20.You don't wear cologne but she allways smells like it. 

 #19. You can't get her off in the sack.

#18 All of her friends are sluts. (like my dad would say. "Birds of a feather f*ck together".)

#17. Goes out Shoping all hours of the night but never comes home with anything but STDs.

#16. The high school boys in your neighborhood do yard work for free.

#15. When hiting the skins her VaJJ is dryer than Jerry Seinfeld's stand up act.

#14. Her nickname is the Caboose. 

#13. She has a  tramp stamp of a 100 dollar bill.

#12. She likes it ruffer than a 2 dollar steak.

#11. Her sister is moving in with you beacuse she is single.

#10. Found out she is on the crackola. ( & we all know that crack + dicks = sucked off)

#9. Your room smells like fish and you found a book on the Kamasutra under your bed.

#8. She really likes to be doubled fisted.

#7. Found a pic of her online with sh*t and piss in her mouth.

#6. She got a new job B as a secretarie.

#5. She likes your parents.

#4. She has her own money.

#3. She tells you your the best in the sac and your dick is big.

#2. Your brother that hates your guts has been coming over a lot.

#1. Her quiffs smell like balls.

Bonus: She went as an Angel for halloween and all the guys where calling her Juice Newton.

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