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March 07, 2012

Had trouble with my classic sports car last night. Ended up pranging it and felt quite sorry for it really. I was all like, Oh M.G..

  If you are struggling for something to speak about with your colleagues at work today. Go with "what about that weather?"

Its worrying how often I have to tell my 9 year old son that I don't like to be kicked in the balls.

They say I'm a loser because I know so much about WWE. Well i just got 12 out of 12 on the quiz in the magazine! Who's the loser now? Oh.

RIP Taylor Swift. Ironically one of the pondlife who helped get this trending, will probably die soon from a tragic bum raping accident.

Bigger. Fatter. Gypsier. Not Rooney's new haircut but an advert for new Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. There goes the medium IQ.

iPad 3 announcement early March. Biggest feature is it will cut by 15% the amount of time it takes your friend to tell you that he has one.

 fucking LOVE soft play centres on a Saturday afternoon. Can we come EVERY Saturday's son?

Kylie Minogue really does oversell the Locomotion. It has NOT made me happy when I'm blue. Not useful for curing depression it would appear.

Murray left the skidmarks in the toilet, Whyte tried to piss them away and it didnt work so done a shite of his own. Both to blame.