Lately I've heard a lot on the internet about TEBOW! But I don't know what TEBOW is! So here are my best guesses for "What is TEBOW?"

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December 20, 2011

Traditional Chinese Dish

TEBOW is a spicy, hearty Chinese dish, traditionally served with steamed rice! Your choice of pork or beef! Inform your server if you prefer mild, hot, or extra spicy! TEBOW will be served any time after lunch but not past 11pm! Always say grace before eating TEBOW! Try TEBOW with bok choy! TEBOW will explode your taste buds to the heavens!

Finnish Internet Conglomerate

TEBOW is the next step in Web 2.0 development, synergy and cyber dynamics! With offices in Helsinki and Jyväskylä, TEBOW is ushering in the new millennium of information technology in the European Union! TEBOW will not fail your small business needs! When you invest in TEBOW, you invest in the future! TEBOW is now Twitter compatible! Stay up to date with friends and family using patented TEBOW server architecture, with speeds up to 10555.9 MB/s!

The Latest Trend In Home Fitness (1)

TEBOW is a revolution in personal gym science! TEBOW lets you switch from five pounds to five hundred pounds quickly and safely! TEBOW uses futuristic bow-technology to give you the ultimate workout! TEBOW is available only in gunmetal blue! Choose from one of six TEBOW home gym workout machines! The ultimate workout for abs, morps, and flits! Not compatible with biceps or glibs! Please read note about customer recall of TEBOW model TC6000, known to spontaneously combust and/or cause gooch-burn! TEBOW will help you build muscle and religious faith! Order TEBOW today!

The Latest Trend In Home Fitness (2)

TEBOW is a high-energy cardio-boxing program inspired by taekwondo and infused with the spirit of the Lord! Dance the pounds away as TEBOW works your core! Three-DVD set available now, only $19.95! A sixty dollar value! TEBOW will increase your self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-assurance that there is one true God! TEBOW is not a self-defense program, but its followers will be shielded by the wrath of the almighty if danger should approach! TEBOW leads to salvation!

A New Religious Power!

TEBOW is a light in the darkness of your soul! TEBOW has answers to life's most challenging questions such as: "What is TEBOW?" and "Can I eat TEBOW?" TEBOW is more than human, he is God! When the end of times comes, only TEBOW and the chosen few shall remain! TEBOW inspires millions to write on the internet about the greatness of TEBOW! Not even TEBOW can microwave a burrito so hot that TEBOW cannot eat said burrito! TEBOW does not eat! The body of TEBOW is the wafer on which we sup for eternal life!

Some Guy

TEBOW is just some dude who's good at throwing things at people.