I was recently browsing new Halloween Costumes for 2011 and came across some real winners…these aren’t them. This list of costumes will definitely cause the wearer some grief on All Hallows’ Eve. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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October 02, 2011

#5 Characters from Jeff Dunham’s Puppet “Comedy” Show

Let’s be honest, 90% of the population are going to have no clue what the fuck you’re supposed to be.  From there it’s all down hill.  The wearer of these horrible puppet characters will more than likely walk around quoting the not-so-memorable “jokes” from Jeff Dunham’s act…which will end up annoying most party goers and end up with these puppets getting fisted…and not in a good way!

#4 Puck from “Glee”


While I’ve never seen an episode of “Glee”, I can honestly say I wanna punch this guy in the face based on the picture alone.  According to the costume description, Puck is a tough jock that turns into a songbird in the glee club…nuff said.  I predict a fist taking it to this guy’s bridge.

#3 Jersey Shore Cast Members

The problem with these costume selections is that no one will realize you’re supposed to be from the “Jersey Shore”. Partygoers will just assume you’re dressed as a douchebag and a whore.  The wearers of these horribly put together messes will probably end up acting the part and finish the night with a fist pump to the face.

#2 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is played out.  Hell, Charlie Sheen doesn’t even wanna be “Charlie Sheen” anymore.  Whatever dumbass decides to pull this one off will most likely cruise around the party drinking like a fish and saying, “WINNING!” every 5 seconds. Partygoers will think it’s entertaining…for about 5 seconds. I predict tiger’s blood will be spilled 20 minutes into the routine.

#1 Osama Bin Laden

First off, let me just say, the dickhead that decided to produce this costume should be punched right out of the gate.  The bold and stupid wearer of this costume probably won’t even make it to the party in one piece.  Can you imagine walking down the street in this get-up without taking a rock or bullet to the head? Al-Qaeda wouldn’t even suggest this one to the infidels. Good luck, asshole!