Boys Meets World is returning. Sort of. A new show called "Girl Meets World" is in development, and it will follow an adult Cory and Topanga as they raise their young daughter. Needless to say, we will all watch THE HELL out of it. Word is that Rider Strong, who played best bud Shawn Hunter, is not part of the project. Since that implies not all the stars will be back, here are the lesser known characters we're hoping reprise their roles amongst the Matthews clan.

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Bet you didn't remember that Adam Scott had a small role on Boy Meets World. Oh you did? Even better. Then you know how exciting it would be if he returned. Not just for the fact that it means more Adam Scott on TV (I mean, right ladies?), but for the badass he played during his all-too short stint. Griff, in a nutshell, just didn't give a fuck. Make-out seshes with the jock's girlfriend. Yup. Massages in class? Why not? Bring this character back as the cool dad that Cory aspires to be like. 

Frankie "The Enforcer" Stechino

Played by a young, and large, Ethan Suplee, Frankie (along with this diminutive cohort) was the lackey to the resident cool kid in school. Whether it was Eric, Harley, or Griff, Frankie was the strongman always waiting int the wings. He also had a close bond with Cory and Shawn, who helped him come to terms with his softer side. A bond that should carry him into Cory's adult life and presumably into a role as Cory and Topanga's babysitter. 

Mr. Turner

He's not necessary for the plot by any means, but if he could just cruise by on his chopper each episode that would be fantastic. No dialogue necessary. Just there. Looming. And shaping young minds, of course. 

Topanga's Dad

Selfish choice here, as I don't remember anything about this character other than he was in a loveless marriage with Topanga's mother and they eventually divorced. Understandable as their marriage probably took a tumultuous turn when Topanga ditched her flower child personality for a new role as bookish dame/ Cory's arm candy. Whatever. The reason he's on this list is because he was played by Michael McKean and goddamn I never get tired of that guy. More McKean please. 

That Red-Haired Roommate That Eric, Shawn, and Matthew Lawrence Lived With

Just kidding, she was far too tall and is not welcome. 

Shawn's Dead Father

If we're not getting Rider, can we at least get the ghost of Mr. Chet Hunter? Sure, he was a terrible father and left Shawn to fend for himself (and then died) but that's all more reason for him to redeem himself. If we can just take a leap here, and I think we all can because we're all reading a list of about minor Boy Meets World characters and thus have zero priorities, let's suspend disbelief and allow Shawn's deadbeat dad to show up as the Matthews daughter's invisible friend, who doles out sage advice from the beyond. 

That Girl That Linda Cardellini Played

Remember when Corey and Topanga broke up? Yeah. Shit got real after she and Cory made the fuck out on a ski trip. Bring her back in the mix. Dramaaaaaa. 

Cory "The Cory" Matthews

Obviously this is not a character, per se; it was a persona that Cory adopted for the episode in which he joined the wrestling team and gave himself the hardman's nickname, Cory "The Cory" Matthews. But I think it's safe to say we'd all want that fuck-off attitude of his to return. Maybe Cory went on a to a career as a pro wrestler and that ferocious attitude pops up again? Like Topanga keeps having to keep him in check. "Am I talking to Cory, my husband, or Cory, The Cory?" THIS SHIT WRITES ITSELF.