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Jeremy Lin had exploded over the last week as a new national icon. He also has a name that is so much pun to play with that I've decided to get out all of my Lin-related jokes now. ENJOY!
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Published February 15, 2012

LINGUISTICS Lin-n-Out Burger Osama Lin Laden Linstagram Linception Old Man Linter Linternet Explorer 5.0 Linsomnia Linpeccable Timing Linternational Sanctions Lingerie The Lincredible Hulk Lina Goda Davida Linvestment Opportunity Lintestines Linappropriate Get Busy Linning or Get Busy Dying I want to be Linside you.  

  LINXS Linsane Clown Posse Lincubus Barry Lindon Lin The Line of Fire Lindiana Jonesand the Temple of Doom Linterview With a Vampire Linglorious Basterds Linlarry Linross I have 5,000 more of these. Basically an unlinited amount of these. I'll probabably add more lin the comling days.