Jeremy Lin had exploded over the last week as a new national icon. He also has a name that is so much pun to play with that I've decided to get out all of my Lin-related jokes now. ENJOY!
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Published: February 15, 2012


  • Lin-n-Out Burger
  • Osama Lin Laden
  • Linstagram
  • Linception
  • Old Man Linter
  • Linternet Explorer 5.0
  • Linsomnia
  • Linpeccable Timing
  • Linternational Sanctions
  • Lingerie
  • The Lincredible Hulk
  • Lina Goda Davida
  • Linvestment Opportunity
  • Lintestines
  • Linappropriate
  • Get Busy Linning or Get Busy Dying
  • I want to be Linside you.



  • Linsane Clown Posse
  • Lincubus
  • Barry Lindon
  • Lin The Line of Fire
  • Lindiana Jonesand the Temple of Doom
  • Linterview With a Vampire
  • Linglorious Basterds
  • Linlarry Linross

I have 5,000 more of these. Basically an unlinited amount of these. I'll probabably add more lin the comling days.

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