As we all know, unless you are a 38 year old hipster or a sad SOB living in a shed, you don't enjoy Google+. But There remain a few productive uses for it.
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Published April 12, 2013

To quickly hide your porn

 When you look at porn you always should have a site to quickly enter if a parent/roomate enters the room.

If you are a functioning member of society, you may just want to leave the porn up. Because let's face it, Porn is a lot easier to explain than Google+

To prove you're better than everybody else

Chances are if you still use Google+, you're under the impression you are the best person in the world.

To instantly get rejected from any job

Let's be honest. You'd much rather put down that you are a sex offender on the job application than have to put down that you have a Google+ account.

To give people a reason not to talk to you

If somebody at Starbucks sees you on your Google+ account updating your circle, they will most likely consider blowing their heads off before getting involved in a conversation about Google+


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