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i need a job.
Published November 19, 2011 More Info »

Note to Self

Hey Big OLD Jake the snake buddy. You know that one chick Megan you like so much. Well guess what she is single now. So this coming up weekend you best make you move before it's to late capem.  So remember the steps player. Step1. take a bath. Step2. Put on some patroli oil. Step3.  put on matching clothes of your best gear jake. Step4.  put in your teeth  Step5. Get a ride to go down and pick her up for a party night at are friends place. Step6. Buy some weed off her. Step 7. Tell her how you really feel about her because you might just lucky champ. Now go get her bro! it's your lucky day i can feel it in my pants. "Now if only i could get my act together." O! F*ck my life!  

Self help.

Get off my layzee ass of the lay z boy and go find a full time job that i don't hate ( because i don't need to killself just yet so no more working in food ok.) An get this full time job so i can get the hell out of my parents place for good and for life!.  So i don't have to run away from the U.S.A an become a monk in india or letting the aliens do a abduction on me so they can open my minds eye up about the source of the oneness of everything. Because understanding God is hard to do for me ok so lay off me! An yeah bud you really need to get some steady action from a full time GF that isn't already married or already has a sh*t load of kids because you already been down that road dog and it's not good. "Both are no goes from now on dude ok". Trust me these single lady of my dreams is out man fully ready to come. An the last thing here to get my life back on track is to start caring about what goes on around me and in my life for the first time ever and see where it takes me. Because anything is better than what my worthless life am living now a days for sure. An P.S slow down on the drinking brother! Now it my time to shine hommie G. )