Whats worse than a terrorist? How about a gay terrorist!

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March 10, 2012

The Top 10 Issues Facing a Gay Muslim Terrorist

The Top 10 Issues Facing a Gay Muslim Terrorist


10. Trying not to get a chubby when every guy in the country starts kneeling at once.

9. Cutting nipple holes in all your suicide vest.

8. Explaining to others why pages of "The Koran" are stuck together.

7. Finding a turban that's ribbed for his pleasure.

6. Having Operation Shock and Awe happen...on your chin.

5. The last head you got..…was Daniel Pearls.

4. Trying to read and study airplane flight manuals while bouncing on Osama's lap.

3. None of the other insurgence finds it funny when you molest their canteens.

2. Touching yourself while watching some porn channel called “Al Jiz-eera.”

1. Balancing your hate for the West with your love for Gerbil Suicide Missions.

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Good, Bad or Fucking Terrible....You tell me!