This was inspired by a recent article saying that the exorcism career path is really hot right now in the Church.

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November 14, 2010

This was inspired by the recent article in the New York Times (click here).

We're counting down so we'll start with ...

10. It's not my fault! My drinking, the cursing, my mucky smell, is not due to some character defect (or lack of bathing), but from demons!

9. I get to drink all the holy water and eat all the holy wafers I want - yummy.

8. I get to play the pity card  post-exorcism. You don't know what it's like to have a demon use you as a sock puppet! Now gimme a raise.

7. While "possessed" I will get time off from work. I have a lot of sick time to use, and I hear watching TV, porn, and eating Chinese food assists in the exorcism process.

6. I just want the attention. There I said it.

5. I'm writing a screenplay about pedophiles, and I wanted to get a close up look.

4. I think I'd be good at  projectile vomiting.

3.  I'm bored. Being a responsible adult sucks - time to shake things up a bit.

2. I'd get new material for my stand up act and for the blog.

1. Chicks would dig me. I'd be the really bad, bad boy!