If these guys were real, every day would be Presidents' Day.

7. President Skroob, Spaceballs

Screen_Shot_2012-02-20_at_12.30.00_PM.pngUltimately his term would be considered a failure as Spaceball 1 met its unfortunate demise and he was resigned to a life on the Planet of the Apes. But the fact of the matter is the man was up against incredible odds during his time in office, namely the rapidly decreasing oxygen on his own planet, Planet Spaceball. While he did not succeed in stealing Druidia's oxygen supply, he oversaw the production of MegaMaid, a space-technology that would make Newt Gingrich salivate. Not too shabby. 

6. Thomas J. Whitmore, Independence Day

88bbbe197df4ca14f78408cdb3effb6c.jpgDefeated Aliens, delivered solid speech, probably had sex with Vivica Fox while Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum were smoking cigars and welcoming aliens to earth. A job well done. 

5. Tom Beck, Deep Impact

deep1.jpgMorgan Freeman's Beck not only saved the earth from a devastating, humanity-destroying comet, but he paved the way for the future fictional African American presidents like Dennis Haysbert and Chris Rock. Without him, our movie presidents might still look like this

4. Merkin Muffley, Dr. Strangelove

Screen_Shot_2012-02-20_at_12.31.57_PM.pngObligatory Peter Sellars addition here. Honestly, it's been years since I've seen Dr. Strangelove and consequently do not remember the details. I could look it up for you, but you have Wikipedia as well, and I'm not your dad. You can learn things on your own, son. Anyway, very good film. Very good satire. There's a good chance you're just scanning this list anyway, so who cares if I didn't discuss why he made the list. Most likely, you just glanced and saw "Dr. Strangelove" and went "of course." Let's move along, shall we?

3. Tug Benson, Hot Shots! Part Deux

Screen_Shot_2012-02-20_at_12.47.59_PM.pngWhile the real-life capture and death of Saddam Hussein is clouded with controversy, his fictional takedown was universally applauded. Aided by former Native American/Monk/Pilot/Ultimate Fighting champion Topper Harley, Benson infiltrated Saddam's palace and engaged the Iraqi dictator in a dramatic duel that left Hussein mutated with his pet dog. Ultimately, a piano was dropped onto the tyrant from a helicopter and the United States of America could finally move on, confident that an enemy had been properly disposed of. 

2. Harrison Ford, Air Force One

Screen_Shot_2012-02-20_at_12.33.21_PM.pngHis character probably had a name, but for now let's just refer to him as "President Getoffmyplane." Biggest accomplishment? Getting them off his plane.

1. Dave, Dave

Screen_Shot_2012-02-20_at_12.29.15_PM.pngNevermind being a lookalike who duped the entire world into thinking he was actually the President, Dave (or Bill Mitchell) was surprisingly effective during his all-too-short run. Despite having no experience in politics, he was able to win the country over with his boyish charm, save a homeless shelter, and BALANCE THE ENTIRE NATION'S BUDGET IN ONE NIGHT WITH HIS FRIEND CHARLES GRODIN. That, and only that, is something all presidents, fictional or not, should aspire to.