As the world is falling apart, where are our leaders of the free world? They are in a recording studio producing their new album "Obiden Bop 2012!"

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September 18, 2012

From the creative minds behind "Sweatin To The Hymns" and "Kids Flop," comes a musical treat like no other! The election is coming soon and Barack Obama, along with his running mate Joe Biden, want to pump the voters up as they sing their favorite tunes. "Obiden Bop 2012" is a combination of Obama singing some of his favorite tunes, while his running mate puts a disturbing twist on these classic songs. This album has all the CHANGE you need and all the BIDENISMS you want. 

Listen to hits like:

Obama: "He Works Hard For The Money"

Biden: "Workin For The Weekend"

Obama: "Livin On A Prayer"

Biden: "Livin La Vida Loca"

Obama: "Born In The USA"

Biden: "Born This Way"

Obama: "Back In The High Life"

Biden: "Biden Got Back"

Obama: "All We Need Is Love"

Biden: "Biden Gonna Love You Long Time"

Obama: "Sweet Caroline"

Biden: "Pour Some Sugar On Me"

Obama: "Losing My Religion"

Biden: "Losing My Mind"

Obama: "Imagine"

Biden: "Imagine What?"

Obama: "Like A G6"

Biden: "Da Plane, Da Plane!"

Obama: "Law Obiden Citizen"

Biden: "Bidenlicious"

Obama: "Proud To Be An American"

Biden: "American Idiot"

Obama: "Big Country"

Biden: "What Is China For $400?"

Obama: "What A Wonderful World"

Biden: "Armageddon It"

Obama: "With Or Without You"

Biden: "I Wouldn't Have This Job Without You"


Order today and you can get all these hit songs for only $19.95!

But wait- there's more! If you order before Election Day, we will add a bonus track sung exclusively by Obama. Hear the President's heartfelt message to the country as he sings his newly released track "Blame It On The Bush." 

So call now and own a piece of history that will have you voting for the other team in the next election (or not voting at all for the rest of your life!) .

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