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not really the best ideas for a gift for your old dad there my peepz.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Your Mother

HEY DAD! i Gotz you somthing.

Give him paper clips and say now fix my car  Magyver.

 Coupons for rubbers.  

 Buy a case a beer then drink it for him.

 Fart in your hand and trow it in his face and say happy fathers day sh*t head.
 Send Him & your Mother to a time share meeting.

Leave a fat sack of weed in his glove box.

Drop your kids off for and say there your now daddy o PEACE OUT! you old sack of sh*t!.
Take his ass to TGi Firdays! 

  Some old baseball cards you have laying around of some players he used to like.   (i did that.)

#1 one dead beat dad hat.

2 free pass into the local strip club one for Dad and Mom both.

Kenny Loggins greatest hits part 1 and 2.

A Sword Cane. (O there real there damn real.)

The Jackhawk 9000!

Lots of weed. Lots and lots of weed.

Box set of How's the Boss. (all the seaons.) or Wings.
A tryout with the Eagles
That money you owe him.
Get his ass a carton of smokes.

Fart in his face and say happy fathers day yee old fart!

Strip club here we cum!

A  work out with Steven Seagle.

A prescription to Hussler because his a jag off.

A cruise to the Bermuda Triangle.

A t-shirt with the saying am getin to old for this shit on it.

what do you get someone that has nothin? more nothin duh!.

A book about SF in the 60's right after calling him gay.

A dlido so he can go F**k him self.

Lottery tickets because his such a winner.

Send him to Vages baby! On his own master card baby!

Give a Call Longdistance to wish him a Happy Fathers day then ask to talk to your mom because you need money and bad.

That new Kevin Eubanks CD that everyone wants.

Front Row tickets to my main man Kenny G's live show.
Tell him your moving but out then say am just f*cking with you am never going to leave.
Hookers are always a fun time. But make sure you check her out first so she doesn't have any STDs or was a man at one point in its life.
No really get the hell out of his house and stay out for love of all that is good and far in the is this world you son of a bitch! GET THE F*CK OUT!

Hooters Night!