Just a list of things that your average dummy hopes to accomplish next year.
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Published: January 01, 2012

Things I will DEFINITELY do:

    •    Watch more NCIS!!
    •    Cash in Marlboro Miles for bitchin leather jacket
    •    Lose wait
    •    Get in accident that’s not my fault
    •    Earn money back in Vegas

Things I will definitely maybe do:

    •    Sell discman on E-b-a-y
    •    Get laaaaaaaid (not from wife)
    •    Win the lottery
    •    Finish beer can pyramid

Things I will definitely try to do:

    •    Autograph from Michelle Bockman
    •    Become real life super hero?
    •    Find out what happens when you put 2 piranas in the same fish tank
    •    Read 1 book