Is there a prejudice against OAP drivers? Perhaps, but after watching these videos of OAP driver fails, we might venture to say it’s justified. When granny or gramps gets behind the wheel it’s often time to take cover. Take a look at these videos and see if you agree!

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October 20, 2011

1. Granny Pranks another Driver

Watch in disbelief as this rather crazy old lady pranks another driver with a fake steering wheel lunge, before driving off with a creepy cackle straight from The Wizard of Oz.

2. Giddy Gertrude Shrugs Off a Plane

Some decent production values in this hilarious tongue in cheek tale of one man’s run in with plane deciding to use the motorway as a runway and an old lady with attitude who likes to take things at her own (and a drunk snail’s) pace.

3. Grannies Are Just As Dangerous Crossing the Road As They Are Driving On It

This is a simply hysterical video showing one granny striking back against an impatient driver left red faced when the shot to his bumper sends his airbag billowing up into his face. The cantankerous old dear just keeps crossing over, perhaps on her way to tell her best friend Mabel about it over a nice cup of tea.

4. Serbian Grandpa Just A Little Tipsy

Watch in disbelief as this Serbian old fella tries his best to pass as sober, until he lapses back into drunkenness and actually tries to glug a slug from the breathalyser handed to him by the cops. The police burst into laughter, but what else could they do? The old man probably took a ride in the police car after this.

5. Marathon Reversal Takes an Age to Complete

The elderly man in this video has sped past the stationary car without seeing the red traffic light and has come to a halt as a road maintenance lorry makes its way forward past the cones. The filming driver makes a video of what seems an interminably long reverse by the hapless driver who may have been young when he started his backtracking!

6. 93 Year Old Man Tells It the Way He Sees It

After being arrested by the cops for driving up the motorway the wrong way, 93 year old Jimmy gives his take on the whole affair, not knowing that an in car camera has caught his opinion and preserved it for posterity.

7. Patience Is A Virtue Old Man...

Bored at trailing a van for too long, this rather impatient old driver in Florida decides to overtake the van at 80mph by swerving on to the shoulder! Smooth move gramps, perhaps some OAP yoga classes could help him keep his cool?

8. So Long As You Can Brake you’re Still Fit to Drive

Hitting the gas instead of the brake pedal sends this old lady’s SUV hurtling into a launderette. Not the best way to pick your dry cleaning up. Perhaps a basic recap of what the pedals are and what they do is in order? Or hand-knitted name tags?

9. How Not To Retake Your Driving Test

Arriving at a test centre in Florida, this 80 year old woman mistakenly accelerates instead of braking and drives straight through the building, scattering people everywhere. Let’s be sensible and just say no to her, what do you think?

10. Elderly Woman Driving the Wrong Way Refuels Debate

Are senior drivers really unsafe? After watching this news report you’ll have serious doubts. Especially when you see the 84 year old lady driving the wrong way up the motorway waving oblivious to everyone trying to get her attention. This is truly mindboggling footage!

This funny list was brought together with the help of Car Rentals.