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Published March 27, 2011

One lines

Cum one Cum all ! 

You can't spell sex with out the X and the E if you know what am sayin };-{) 

Some time you feel your nuts and some times you don't. 

That Marry Moon lady she is ah vegetarian a. 

Yep it's like my grandmother always said you can sh*t in one hand and wish in the other you dig. 

Someone done stole my I.D. and now they have now life. 

Blue balls their trying to cum but they can't make it there because their being held up by some dick head. 

Yeast infection and ovaries troubles sounds like you must own a bakery there lady ! 

A look big boss man if wanted to be sh*t on i would get a hooker um K cap'Em ! 

Men can also fake the big O a well , because it's little thing called pee ;-)  ( YOU KNOW WHAT AM TALKiN ABOUT ! ) 

Come backs

Bring back the V.H.S. and cassette tapes , and hell bring back 8 tracks since where a it a ;-) 
( Am all about that Analog ) 

All these public domain things ( comic books , cartoons , shows , movies , books , and so on crap )  should be re done for the new days. 
( since there "are no new ideas " f*ck it then just bring back the old sh*t. ) 

Public Access semi pro sports. An since am talking Public Access N.W.A. pro wrestling should do up the Public Access sh*t. 

Jnco shorts because even if i am 30 i would rock some freakin Jnco shorts like as in all the time my peeps. 

Blockbuster video ,  Hollywood video ,  Radio Shack , and all these other places that went under should get a birth. 

i.P.F.L. football should being back the Steubenville Stamped this up coming season or a new pro N.L.L.  and or  M.A.S.L. teams. 

Good main stream music ( as in real music ) would be nice ! ( dream on ) 

( An a lot more sh*t but this list never ends so whatever you want back yeah man bring that sh*t back for sure SA ! )