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Food Stamps \ welfare fun facts

99% of the people on Food Stamp are on drugs and use there Food Stamps to get them drugs. ( Trade the Stamp for cash gets the drugs bang them up and repeat every day until you die. )

Trailer parks are = The Projects

Some people stop having abortions so they can get food stamps.

First you get on the Food Stamps then you get on the welfare and then you never have to work again ! Kids + Welfare = Drug Money

Some Drug Dealers take Food Stamps now a days.

Government Cheese kills more people in 1 day than Weed does in 365 days.

Food Stamps can't me beer ! WTF

The Dirt-Ball Race would die off if Welfare went away.

Most people on Welfare who are getting food Stamps have been to prison and will be going back real soon.

There is more Food Stamp bills in circulation than actual money in circulation. 

Some hookers will work you over for some Food Stamps. ( just as good as cash. ) 

Food Stamps do not discriminate but most of the people on them do all the time.

The Welfare line is long then the unemployment line.

A most of the people on Food Stamps have a tramp stamp player. 

High School drops + drugs = On Welfare 4-Life

Food Stamps + Welfare checks = More Kids 

Hood Rats eat up food stamps you all. 

99% of pro wrestling fans get food stamps. 

O f*ck this dumba*s sh*t lets trade are food Stamps for money and cash in are Welfare check so we can go get high baby !


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