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Anything goes.
Published April 06, 2011 More Info »

You know what sucks setting on your balls in the back of cop car on the long ride to big house.

To all the wanna be hippies out their in the world stop trying to act like a hippie ! An take a shower then go the rehab and then get a job and your own place for the love God ! You didn't go up in the 60's so stop acting like you did you dumb ass mother f*ckers ! 

Punk is dead so don't Pop the Punk you posers. 

What ever happen to people playing real music with real instruments and real singing you know ! 

Main Stream music is dead. But Underground is alive and well and growing every day. 

Good dark comedy that makes you think , is hard to find these days , because now a days all these comedy movies and shows are full of cheap sophomoric humor that is over done and the played out jokes where not really all that funny to begin with and the plots are always the same old same old. Lot i know am dumb but don't dumb it down meathead ! Because i need a  high iQ not a lower one if that can even be been. 

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling the Video Game and World Wide T.V. should happen in 2016. 

Man i have a feeling porn stars now a days watch their porn back like sports players watch practice tapes. An i also watch for practice because if you don't use it you will lose it , an i have damn near lost it all :-[  God take me now ! #NotFeelingLife

Am telling even if you don't like Pro Wrestling you have gots to watch Lucha Undergroud ASAP ! Because that is some badass shit !

Just remember this one thing this is one world and we have to live in together so lets make the best of things and not fight over being different because everyone is different no matter how much we are a like or different so deal with it !  #OneWorldOneLife

Their is no need for drugs or killing yourself when life sucks ( Trust me i feel the pain ) just play music and lets all your feelings come out in the music and be a hero not a 0. + playing music is also for good other to hear that are into your style. 

You want to live a life worth living then no lies and no excuse , so cut the BS. 

Next time your get really pissed off about shit you can't do anything about your ass needs to be hitting the gym ,
 ( you don't have to hit up the gym but you should be working off all the fire inside you so your not pissed off all the time. ) 

Whatever floats your boat and if you don't like the way other float then just float your boat somewhere different. 

Some times the only way to help people that just don't give a shit about anything besides getting high when rehab , prison , and lots near death experiences don't stop them is to cut them out of your life , because they ain't stop until they drop dead. An really it's all on them in the battle of their minds if their going to stop using. ( Trust me am around it all the time so i can see whats up ) 

Don't f*ck up your life for other and don't let anyone talk you into things you don't want to do in life 
( am trying to learn this one the hard way myself. Because am always being tricked into doing fucking dumb ass shit. ) 

Don't idol aka look up to anyone because you got to be yourself , but it is just fine to see the good things in other and be inspired by them , because as we all know us humans are not  " perfect " ( What the hell is perfect anyways ) . #NoOneKnows ( An yes am a hypocite and a f*ck up.) 

Take One Day at time or hell even second by second if things are really going bad. #BeHereNow

Their is no future their is only now. 

Like the old saying goes the enemy of enemy is my worst enemy. #SoBeKindRewind

Still to this day i enjoy getting Lit and cracking up the Lit songs. You know from that band Lit. 

Looks are not everything or so i hope because am trying to get laid by some hot chicks that are clean before i die. 

3 piece all women gutter punk bands are my jam. 

Safe words keep us safe for trips to the ER early in mornings. 

Party smart not hard ( Because hard leads to f*cking up your life and feeling like sh*t all the time. Trust me i know dogs. ) 

Work Smart and make other people work hard for you is how you get to top or so it's seems. 

Since records are making a big come back am thinking VHS , Cassette Tapes and 8 tracks should make a come back. Because i like the fact you can record over tapes and splice up tapes together you remember right ! #Pirate 

Still making mix tapes son ! 

Some times i feel like a nut and some some times i feel my nuts in public because am nuts !  ( JK but some people do ) 

Back in my day the clit was the G spot !  Fun Fact : There is a G spot in the Pussy and the Butt.  #GoodTimes 

So if you eat to meany LSD hits or magic mushroom caps your going to go on a never ending trip or you could die.  #BeenThereDoneThatGotThisFlashBack 

Think it , do it , be it because you can with your own two hands. 

T.V. is your Friend. 

Bob Dobbs ! Bod Dobbs ! Bob Dobbs ! #GetYourSlackBack

Well that is all i have to say about that , so good day ! An God speed ;-) 

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