Movies and or T.V. Show ideas

Detectives for Hire ( A new action sci fi thing about three detectives for hire: A group called the Masterminds, The Leader Dr. Franklin Jefferson who rock a white Nehru jacket and as implied his the brains of the operation #2. Dana Kittka, a female escape artist who is always rocking something skintight and #3 is ex pro wrestler Jacob Samson, a large & muscular man who is always in black. The Masterminds have many foes ( for all different criminal backgrounds ) but the main rivalry is  with conspiracy theorist team called The Awakening made up of an evil genius named Dr. Cody Jefferson ( older brother of Dr. Franklin Jefferson ) and his sexy and seductive schoolgirl-uniformed assistant the bad girl  Ruby Cooke , who subdued her opponents with her highly sarcastic wit. An then their is the power house of the villain team and his a ex Strong Man competitor named Magnus Steele and his one pissed off beast of man. An together these 3 evil people are forever a torn in the side of the good guy team The Masterminds detectives for hire. So it's kind of like a comic book kind of deal. ) 

N.W.A. Ringside ( A new Live N.W.A. pro wrestling t.v. show that will air on Saturdays 6pm - 8pm ET on T.B.S. Just try it out because people will watch. ) 

On the Run ( Unemployed and drug addicted homeless man James Waters will do anything and everything to get his fix. But all that starts to change when he meets a junkie hooker named Joy Smith and they fall deep in love with each other you see. An since their both sick of the life their living they run away together on the run from the law and on the run for a whole lot of bad people they owe lots of money to yeah see ! So they must do whatever it takes to stay out of the slammer and out of the cemetery. An this is the story of how true love can over come anything and everything as they slowly work on getting their lives together on track for good before their baggage is the death of them both. Step by step and one day at a time is the way if they are going to over come the odds. ) 

Hump Days ( A pack of single dude that all work together at a motel all have every single Wednesday off so since these guys are all boys there going to bro out together on Wednesdays from now on since they all have no life outside work. An so Jimmy West "the nice guy", Kevin Dunn "the wild man", Chris Locke "the funny guy" and Willie Douglas "the smart one" come Wednesdays their all together out bird dogging chicks and just flat out broin out hardcore style and what not her in good old Las Vegas baby ! So look out ladies ! Because it's HUMP DAY ! So come one come all and get your hump on. Rated T.V. MA.) 

Baby Face Nelson ( A new movie about the true life story of Lester Joseph Gillis aka Baby Face Nelson starring Jonah Hill as Baby Face Nelson. Rated R. ) 

The Lonley Heart KillersWhile serving time for petty theft in the 40's, Raymond Fernandez learned about voodoo and the occult from a cellmate. Upon his release, Fernandez believed he could use voodoo to gain a mastery over women and began writing letters to dozens of wanted ads posted by lonely single women. His M.O.: woo his marks, gain their trust, then rob them and disappear — which worked until one victim, Martha Beck, showed up on his front doorstep with her two kids. Fernandez agreed to let her stay if she got rid of the kids, who were promptly abandoned at the Salvation Army. The couple continued to scam women, but the jealous and unstable Beck couldn't handle sharing Fernandez and they eventually began killing their targets. After the murder of a young widow and her child, the two were arrested, signed a whopping 73-page confession and died in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison in 1951. The Lonely Hearts Killers are believed to have murdered as many as 20 people. ) 

Mr & Mrs RosenbergLabeling Julius and Ethel Rosenberg a "crime" duo is still a matter of debate. The two were the first civilians in United States history to be executed for conspiracy to commit espionage in 1953. Charged with allegedly sharing information about the atomic bomb with the Soviet Union, their death sentences prompted massive public outcry. "Do not let this crime against humanity take place," Pablo Picasso urged authorities. And Jean Paul Sartre wrote "you are afraid of the shadow of your own bomb." Even Pope Pius XII requested a pardon for the couple from President Eisenhower, to no avail. Guilty or not, the Rosenbergs died in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison, two years after the Lonely Hearts Killers met the same fate. ) 

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