Last week a hacker exposed hundreds of private emails amongst the family of former President George H.W. Bush. Included in the emails were these nude self-portraits of former President George W. Bush. This morning Funny Or Die obtained EVEN MORE SHOCKING NUDE PHOTOS of former President George W. Bush's artwork.
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Additional Credits:
Artwork: John Maxwell
Concept: Chris Farah
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Here are the two Bush selfies that surfaced in the emails: 

Below are the shocking paintings that Funny or Die has obstained from a series of emails. This is an exclusive look inside the mind of the former president. 

Email Subject Line: Private Time is Overrated

Email Subject Line: ""Read My Lips. No New Waxes!" LOL!

Email Subject Line: Occupy the South China Sea!

Email Subject Line: I miss protestors.

Email Subject Line: BEST. PRANK. EVER!