This is a list of things I refuse to take any part in. That doesn't mean I look down on those who are into them, but what I just said is a total lie, a lazy attempt to soften this pride-obliterating blow to your entire sense of taste.

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October 01, 2010

WWDCD?- What Would Dice Clay Do?

Ha!  No way am I gonna blah blah blah about shit I don't like.

But I do hate "social networking" bullshit.  Namely FaceBook & Twitter.  Until a few years ago I fooled around on MySpace, and that was alright.  Now every motherfucker on the planet is on FaceBook with 10,000 friends they don't know at all.  Twitter... I just refuse to do anything called "Tweeting".  Sorry.  Anyway, my business prospects, grandparents & 8-year-old cousins don't need to read about my obsession with the word "Bukkake" or the ill-advised but hilarious shit I've done.  I keeps it real.