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i don't have pics for these tats i want so am just going to tell you about them. Click here to see read the list.
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Published April 09, 2013

Now that am working under the table at a dead end job i can get some one day.

Exit on a left butt cheek and Only on my right butt cheek so i can have a exit only but tat. 

The Jobo Voodo Doll from the Major league movies with a pirates uniform on him and that is going on a left bicep. 

Pit Bulls playing cards on my right bicep.

A tramp stamp of your mom on my low back. Hiyo! 

A  1950's pin up girl on my right leg. 

A smelly pirate hooker on the inside of left forearm. 

The Blob tated on stomach.

a tat of a bra on my man tits. 

a tat of a condom on my d*ck. 

a tats of pussies on my arm pits.

the word love on the fingers of my left hand. to match my tat of my name Jake that i have on my right hand so my hands will say Jake love if your read backwards ( you know right to left) 

F*ck it lets do the whole body.

Plam Tree tats in the plams of my hands. 

The word uncle on my knuchles on both hands so when i get into a fight i can say here comes uncle knuchles. 

A He-Man Tat of him turning into He-Man on my back ( i have the power! ) 

A full head of flames tated on my head like Bam Bam Bigelow had.

indian belly dancers tated on my right arm one on the inside of my right forearm and one on the out side. 

A naked black chick on the out of my left forearm. 

A jason voorhees hockey mask tated on face.

A tat of cheech and chong on my left left leg.

a tat of Amanda Bynes face on my nuts.

Lighing tats on both thights. "Tunder Thights for real."

a pirate on butt ( JK am no butt pirate not that there is anything wrong with that and i do like a finger up there right before i get off so what ever works for you is ok by me.) 

eye tats on my eyelids just because that's so classic my man. ( seen that in a movie once that i seen 50,000 times.)

Weed buds tated on my ears. 

The words kiss me on my lips. 

A red Turtleneck tated on my neck because i have a lot of red sweaters. 

A pair of chuck taylor high tops tated on my feet so it looks like i always have my chucks on player. 

A face tat of Ed Woods Face on my face.  thrid

eyes in the back of head tated on my me.

A trippy looking sun on my left shoulder and a triped out moon on my right shoulder. ( LSD is a hell of drug.)

OR! What ever they put on me when am drunk as f*cking sh*t like always as long as your paying.. 

a tat of the words f*ck you on my d*ck b*tch! 

PEACE! Am out like boner in sweatpants ladies.




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