"Sea Hags" Hannah Jones ( Katie Homes) is a 30 somthing single an rich white women from LA who was just givin 4 tickes on a single's cruise for 1 year by way of a local pop\hip-hop radio station when she called in drunk and crying wanting to hear a song that her x  used to f*ck her with it on. So since she is a "rich kids" and doesn't work like most of her other rich friends it going to be on like a mother f*cker up in this crusie ship. So she talks her 3 best "friends" into going with her for the ride of a life time. Her friends are Van Rolen ( David Arquette) the Bi freak of the group. Ruby Diamond ( Deborah Ann Woll) the youngest out of the group aka "Queen Bitch". Jacob Golden ( Glenn Howerton) A Super Nice and cool as hell dude everyone wants to bang (why do you think he is stil single ladies). Lots of hard partying wild times and freaky stuff is going down };-{O but in the mist off all this somthing big time is about to go down for the whole gang. Where Ruby Diamond finds ture love with Jacob Golden (the man Hannah wants.) some how some way in this wild ass ride. O sh*t son now Hannah she can't stop b*tching about it at all! When the fact is the man that's in love with Hannah has been Mr. Van Rolen and for meany of a years now yah see. Once Hannah flips her sh*t about the whole Jacob and Ruby thing Van does come clean about how his feeling and shows Hannah what ture love can do in are happy little comedy movie called "Sea Hags." So get lost at sea an go see SEA HAGS!


So yeah am just pulling this crap out my ass.

Fake it Untill You Make it.  ( (Katie Homes) has just been dumped by her man\boss an she has done lost her job because the place is shutting down for good because of fraud. Now that her x company is trying to put her on streets we will be seeing Miss. Young in court. So there will be a fraud case as Nancy Young must pull all the stops to make ends meet come the first of next month to pay for her lawyers. An she will trying to do so by way of selling lots and lots of pots of pot in the big city of Pittsburgh (where the weed laws are very stiff). Where is the only one in the area with some of dat super bomb dank ass home grown sh*t. Will she make ends meet an win her case or is it to the streets or even worse will she be busted on fraud and selling drugs on her way to 25 -30 years prison. So yeah it's kind of like Weeds but no kids with an with even more drama-comedy and less side storys BS.)

Wide Awake ( A horror movie about a sweet hart of a woman that really is a Serial Killer! played by are girl Katie Homes or we can just go plan jane with it an she can be he hero\survivor in it i guess what ever!.)

Wounder Woman ( Don't use that chick from the failed NBC show use Katie Homes as Wounder Woman.)

XXX 3D (this time XXX is a lady.)

Milf ( Are girl Jacky Roberts Wade (Katie Homes) had a son a very young. An now his 19 living at home with mom who is now single do his rich old daddy dieing last year. So with her young man living in the house with her to make her feel safe. So yes there are a lot of young studs coming around. An yes they all want some of that MiLF action an bad. And guess what Little Timmy Wade your best friend Jake Johnson local stud college football star is bang your mommy. Now let the f*cked up jokes roll! Cum on and have a good time with us in are old college try of comedy. "MiLF" everyone wants some.

Name any thing disney and i just know she can work that magic doing the voice overs or acting as a mom or teacher or what have you. So hook her up Disney.

Or how about her in a movie called "Open Wide" the story of the first woman doctor in the USA.  

Her in the new Star Wars movies as the new princess Leia.

Broke as a Joke ( Where she is stand up comic an now a single mom do her hubby passing away now can she keep it together an find her big brake so she can pay her bills off and keep her little girl from going into foster care. Because when it comes down to it this woman is starting to lose her god d*mn mind as of late.)

The Tick 3D  ( Staring Patrick Warburnton as the Tick (remember when he was the Tick on the short lived live action tv show.) An are girl Katie will play Captain Liberty. ( or any superhero movie.)

"it's a Love Hate Thing"   ( Work sucks being single sucks but you do it anyways but when is it time to say f*ck it this is my time to do me. A movie about finding your self you know the one you want to be.) 

P.S: it's a fact that Katie Homes would be the perfect fit in any comedy as the "strate woman" in it an hell that goes for any type of flick really. So Katie the Stoner Comedy movies are calling.

RAW impact! ( A movie about a white trash woman with not a d*mn thing to lose going all out in her try to become a pro wrestler but getting a brake in this stupid hick town is going to be hard like Ron Jeremy. So she will have to do some low class things to get her done!)

Her as one of the main b*tches in the new Star Trek or Star Gate flick being made. realy any kind of space movie. or in Ghostbusters 3 as one of the new Ghostbusters. 

Any who am why off the tracks here my people because you see the real way she got her "groove" back was by way of lots of drinking an meany young stud muffins and single dads is how she did it my friends. Because when your banging people that are famous your sex life can get wild as all hell because it's all under the radar and what is not under the radar makes you the big time bucs $. Look the fact she can do what she wants when ever she wants because she is who she be players.  CHASH MONEY!