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There's something for everyone, if you look HARD enough.
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Published November 26, 2012

"Climbing Everett"

Audience: Outdoorsy typesSummary:  When Mitch and Everett get rushed to the same Nepalese hospital tent for altitude sickness, they quickly find their fingers aren't the only extremities turning blue. Will Mitch find Everett’s peak, or will the impending avalanche arrive prematurely?  

"Balls of Yarn"

Audience: Quilters  Summary: A Wednesday night quilting group takes an unexpected stitch when Kathy and her roommate Frieda are visited by a crafty neighbor in 2D. Will Juan’s giant balls of yarn be enough to finish this *three-layer sandwich, or will they have to hand-pull it to completion? *Technical term for assembling a blanket.

"Black Queen, White Knight"

Audience: Chess enthusiasts Summary: A match that opens in civilized Ruy Lopez style quickly turns into a heated endgame as Sharize’s chocolate goddess is threatened by Leonard’s ivory stallion. No matter her defenses, she can’t stop him from taking her diagonally. Mating? Check.

"Tater Tits"

Audience: Diabetics Summary:  Sheila is a hard-working manager at a regional fast food chain. Brad is a hungry construction worker looking to carboload. So when he drives through her express lane during the lunch rush, she opens her window for a quick game of hot potato. Watch out Brad, you may just burn your tongue.

"Hard Debt Package"

Audience: PoliticosSummary:  The year is 2008, and the recession runs deep. Real deep. President Ohmama knows there’s only one way to save the limp economy: a debt package so hard, it’ll rip the market open and flood it with smooth, liquid cash.  

"You Can’t Eat Pussy"

Audience: Animal activistsSummary: Jenny O’Connor, a 20-something PETA volunteer, ventures to China with a college youth group to protest Beijing’s cat-heavy menus. But, when she meets a feisty waitress named Fei Yen, she ends up with the one thing she least expected: a mouth full of fur.  

"Saggy Paneer"

Audience: World travelersSummary: Jeb Nickels thinks he knows his way around India, but when he meets “Saggy Paneer,” a 72 year-old stripper with a passport to Pleasuretown, she shows him parts of her country that haven't been trespassed in years. It's a Bollywood classic, with an emphasis on the wood.