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or what pt2
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Published November 29, 2011

So this is the kind of stuff i think about and do because am a little slow.

Am i the only one who thinks that Erin Burnett is the sexiest women alive? "smart + sexy = tight pants" is it just me and Bill Maher that thinks all super models look like trannies? "But here is my thing about p*ssy if i can lick it i will stick it." Am i the only one who thinks Jay Leno need to started doing his shows drunk? Am i the only one how eats veggie burgers at the BK? "if so i might need to go see the docter to get checked for food poisoning." So light beer doesn't seem to get me drunk is that odd? "Maybe i just high" Am i the only one who wants to buy weed off of Miley Cyrus? "i beat she gets the DANK NUGZZZ!" Am i the only person who wears a visor hat in the winter? Am i the only one who has been going bald since they where 17? Do any of you dudders or dudetz still say wicked or rad? Am i the only one who calls people but darts still? i feel like am the only one backing Ron Paul nows days wuz up with dat?  

Am only half retarted.

Am i the only one who this janemne Garofalo is hotter now than ever before? "Am geting a chub just thinking about her." I have a feeling like am the only strate guy who is still watching What Not to Wear on TLC. "Someone needs to get my ass on that show i tell you what." Am i the only person who has all his  x GF's on there buddy list? "& i even talk to them" it seems like am the only one how doesn't get my booty call hook ups from facebook? "That because i  don't get laid anymore, sad but ture." Am i the only duma*s who gets drunk on X-mas & watches baskitball all day and night? So bi chicks like dudes with man tits right? i say holly sh*t balls! over O my f*cking God! Am i the only one who spanks off to a pic of his old high school GF, well she was out of school when meet her  when i was in high school. "JK i don't do that all the time i mean at all" i think am the only one who still has a tape player. "An am always on the look out for tapes. VHS tapes to" i call everyone by there full name. i have a feeling like am the only person who wants to kill they self after hearing any new pop song. "Or its just the fact that am a  fat dumb loser and my life sucks a BiG old fat one." i still watch wrestling and live in my parents basement. "that guy you hear about, well thats me." Am i the only one who says vajj when asked are you a tit man or an ass man. "None am a pussy man." Well thats it am off to drink & cry myself to sleep like i do ever morning.