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Chamberlain Guide sponsored theory think-tanks, dates and locations to be announced - stay tuned.
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Published May 06, 2011

Special Interest Groups

 Filbert-100 18-Man Process Methodology An update of the original 6 man circuit-ring methodology. This new theory is superb and deals primarily with advances in Medalio's Triad.   Unilateral Reciprocating Disproval Theorum One of my favorites, to be sure. This theory disproves all other theorum, except those theories supported by mathmatics.* Focus will be on how this theorum uses the computational vacuum phenomenon to reach conclusion. * we believe only in that which can proven mathmatically   Sample Aggregation of Reverse Qualitatives More fabulous samples from the laboratories of Leonard 'Rexal' German. Focus will be on Reverse Qualitatives in fractal patterns, and their commercial potential.   Push-Pull Center-Sound Pneumatics Phenomenon It's all about magnesium, ifluvia, oily substrates and immense pressure. Dr. Miklos Koin presents his groundbreaking proof of 'sentient' behaviour in perpetual motion apparatus under pressure.   Rod and Bone Theory of Pulsating Piper-Laterals Cluck Trunk from the Peoples Republic of China demonstrates how Rod & Bone can be used to alter Pulsating Piper Laterals state.   Conductive BoilyWobble in Concentric Apptitude Perhaps the highlight of this round of SIG's is Treat Davies and his portfolio of post-apocolytical theories. Focus will be on conductive boilywobble and concentric apptitude relationships.

Musical Groups - Band Names

Rubber Double Dumb Trouble Thud Stiff Rag Ten Ton Chicken - Just like in the Old Country ( Worry Wagon Eiffel Strife Daddy's Lower Half Palamino Tally Dresshead Boilly Wobble Hempfinger Attractive Repulsion Eye Tripe Divine Perishing (in the mildew of my sorrow) Lava of Love Brando Damage Loose at Eleven Free peoples debris The Linoleum Hat Plural Dervish Lemon Dinner Carnivorous Risk Perforated Appraisal Fantastic Poison Gonzales Head The Lozenge Oily Rim Hair Hangover Frothing Drool Bag Burma Dirty Scratch Cracker psKloughnk (klonk)More of Jack Larry's Virgin Live Ham Lettys Gum Change My Torture Daddy's Urine Engine Smell Jimmys Chicken Child Gobbett Lost and Skinny Mothers Wound Lounge Hassle Pubic Coke Can Lead with Your Wife Slap My Sister Learn the Kitchen Flog Johnny Jam Button Rough Up the Stump Crowd Laura Femur Plant Let out Smelly Bone Factory O-ringer Gilligan's bitch Pierced Venus Dorothy's crotch Clown Love Chorizo Friday Lavender Pimp Dirt worship Funksquare Cozy sin Rapequest Bloody Hacket Stankshower Crap Sandwhich Chum Chug Mass Hysterectomy Holy Clone Poke PhoneyCrackhummer Dickblood Popeskirt Pewbag Turdburpy Vomit College Amber Current Evil Root hanging Boneyhost Ballchewey PupgreaseLifeswamp Fung-ramen Swankenhugen Neighbor toolJet Fat Child Crucible Stretch Puppy Fuck Wizard Fried Panties Lettuce Head Deep Wobbly Bleed the Leach Johnnys Got a Boil Ass Cracker Love Meat The End of Julie Where is the Can? Running Sore Hold Me While I Go Can You Touch It Stiff JelloReady For Petting Why Dont You Love the Blister Licking Fanny Meet the Bowl Boiling Bones Breaking Heddy PornclaspSpinebile Sally's trauma It only hurts for a minute Crank Joy Reach around Like whisky for Frankenstein Nut Punch Mama's Dating felchini meatball Polethroater Bloodbubble Spitabitch love mumps brown fist ham holder golden shitstorm grandmas hard hog polish potsie's dead turkish dirty pimple tits phyliss dickler featuring/Jesus bongatnoon poop tuna testing eddie chute loober hindudishmint Uncle brotherfuck aisle of view cumgut plug the flags of fuckwallace the butt onions Buddha's Hump Mercy flush DickGarden Choke-it a little Felchcurse Big Girl Love Detective-Hell Blood-rump Shamewheel acid-bread sissy's secret Fondle with care Kentuckypain shit Vail valley of the skin Facesocket marblebag gag crust gum suckling monkey shiting stick Pappy smacker Thrust gargleTeat wagon Soft package Bone Holer Teastain Ballblood Doorjam Dicksplit Forefinger Fuckblister Crackstain Jungle-Liver Spudshooter Panty-cream Wally's Beaver Digital pimp Foreskin-454 Funkattic Isosceles Throat Wenchsoup Manic Lung