Every night is a good night to hang with your bros and crack some brews, but some nights you don’t wanna put on a fresh button-down and shut down Dave and Buster’s. Some nights you wanna just stay in. That’s a good night to grab some Blu-Rays, pop some Orville Red, and have Bro Movie Night for Bros Only! But you can’t watch The Boondock Saints every time, so check out these other kickass flicks about cool bros like you doing awesome bro stuff with their bros.

Das Boot

A bunch of bros from Belgium or something are bro-ing out on spring break in their sweet party sub (not like the one Randy ate on a dare, like, a real, sub, like underwater). They speak French and just hang for a few hours.

Rain Man

This one bro finds out he has a real bro, and so the two bros go to Vegas to track down a sweet car and do Vegas stuff. It’s pretty much The Hangover but with toothpicks and the little guy is crazy smart. Like, stupid smart!

Stand By Me

standbyme.jpgFour little bros sneak out to do bro stuff, like dodge trains, see a dead body, and feel the twinge of separation as adolescence threatens to irrevocably separate them forever. Bro movie fun fact: Notable bro Jerry O’Connell, the fat kid from Stand By Me, is in Stand By Me.

The Big Chill

bigchill.jpgAt first, it’s like bros hanging out in a house drinking wine and partying and dancing around to Redd Foxx or whatever, but also with chicks, and then one of the chicks makes her guy bang her friend, as, like a favor. 

The Last Temptation of Christ

lasttemptation.jpgDirected by the guy who made bro classics Goodfellas and The Departed, it’s about the dark side of bros. Sometimes bros betray each other for some coin, and sometimes those bros will betray other bros to bang the Beaches chick.


topsyturvy.jpgIn recreating Gilbert and Sullivan’s London of 1884 as the duo craft their masterwork operetta The Mikado, the attention to detail is staggering, and the results breathtaking.


yentl.jpgBarbra Streisand, cross-dressing, and long discussions about Talmudic law. This movie totally reminds me of Pledge Week ’08.

Capturing the Friedmans

friedmans.jpgIf you’re really lucky, your best bro is also your dad.

My Dinner With Andre

andre.jpgIf there’s one thing bros are into, it’s influential mid-century experimental theatrical directors. You’re my boy, Andre Gregory!

Brokeback Mountain

brokeback.jpgYou know this is gonna be a good movie for bros, because “bro” is in the name. Sure enough, Brokeback Mountain has everything a bro movie should have – cowboys, Anne Hathaway’s tittays, and the Joker buttfucking Donnie Darko.