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Stupid crap off the top of my head. I don't even know what am talking about. Thanks LSD for the flash back.
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God Help Me because am retarded as f*ck!

Here is a tip for you strate guys out there if you want to face the big O just go pee pee in her Vjj or B-hole and she will think you busted dem nuts but really it's just piss. 

My parents think am retarded but so did state before became a high school drop out. Now looking back on i can really see the facts and them facts are true that am a f*cking retard. But i'll show them by wrighting jokes on here for free everyday of my life god d*mn it mother f*ckers!

Look dogs i say i don't like pop or rap "music" all that much, "if you want to call it that" but yet i know all the hot songs. Thanks a*sholes for playing that stupid a*s sh*t non stop that even my hick honky a*s knows the dang tunes by hart. Sorry just had to get that out my sack.  An since i haven't been laid by any chicks in a very long time i think this music is making me gay. ( Not that there is anything wrong with that what so ever! Gay rights and lady rights all the way all day every day baby. Hell i never went college but i have seen a lot of gay stuff go down in my day yah dig.) Am a little old monster i guess. 

When you i get buried ( most likey i'll be alive when it happens if i keep up with my bad habits.) here are the 5 songs i want played for me um k here we blow. A little "Here i Go Again" by WhiteSnake,  "i Remember You"  by Skid Row, "Lost in the Shadows" by Lou Garmm ( you remember it for the lost boys movie.) "No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper ( Rocky 4 song) and    the last one when everyone is leaving play "Your The Best" Joe Esposito ( you know the Karate Kid song). So look i have a 80's mix cd out in my mom's wipe with this songs on so just put that shit on because am ready when ever because most of my friends are already dead so am ready when you are devil man. No jk here is my real 5. Just put a Dinosaur jr cd on or a Bad  Religion or Rusted Root Hell mybe a Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD or somthing cool that i used to like in for me and then where good on my last wish because it's doesn't matter to me because i'll be dead. SEE YOU HELL! P.S if your going to play a 80's song for me make it Send Me An Angel by Real Life.

Remember if you don't know her that you best double bag it before you tag it big pimpin because you never know with people these days and knowing is hafe the battle G.i Joe! 

The older i get the more i look like Teen Wolf. You don't even want to see the hair on my back and ass babe. No if only i hair on my head like i do on my down under head. Wigging out here i cum. 

So if the Pittsburgh Pirates win the WS this year or ever i will sh*t my pants and cry so hard that i pee because that would be the best of mylife by far and away baseball fans. 

So yoloers i once ate trippy mushrooms and LSD at the same time meany years ago and i haven't came down since. So don't do drugs or you will end up like me a fat dumb*ss loser that looks like total sh*t that lives with hs mom and dad at 27 years old. So just say no to drugs and yes to sex if your looking for a good time. 

So i once seen a movie called The Ghostbuster 3D it was the one where one black dude busted his nuts a sh*t load of time on a pack of white hick girls. O yeah it was a good one fo sho! for a 1960's porn anyways. 

So i hear you lady are calling PMS time Shark Week A. 

Don't sit on your balls all day at work if your trying to have kids. But if you don't want them dang kids keep at it big guy. 

Smoke your weedies but stay off the street and grow your own for now on big cats. 

So if  i where a pro wrestling my theme song would be somthing cheese E like "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears For Fears ( Heel song) or "Ride Like the Wind"by Christopher Cross (Face song) and my finishers would be the old Jake The Snake DDT and The Boston Crab. Like a true classic pro wrestling strate out the 80's or some sh*t with a 2014 additude. 

Don't piss electric fence because my balls and d*ck are still black and blue from doing that bros but i do feel like Raiden. 

Ok no more of this stupid as* sh*t  on to the next thing E here in the old 2 for 1 BS sh*t of mine um k players. 





ideas for movies or t.v show or what ever again like always from me. 6 pack

The Great American Hero ( Now that is a cool super hero movie that needs to be made or at least re-do the old t.v show but with the now days action in that sh*t big dogs Just keep the old theme song. Because they just don't make theme songs like they used to you know.) 

Live Action Ugly Americans in 3D ( Come on Comedy Central i think it's time to start making movies. A stoner comedy that will give you boner. Comedy and horror movies go together like coke lines and Ho bags.) 

Arthur ( Well since you all made the re-make of the f in old movie into a new movie how about a t.v show for it now players. Only on TBS very funny.) 

The Young Guns 3 3D ( The story of what happend to Bill the Kid after his gang was killed. A lone wolf cowboy movie that takes place in the desert down in Mexico and Deep in the hart of Texas. Find out what is really going on here. Hey you made re-makes of dummer sh*t.) 

People are Strange ( The story of dirfiters in love ( Star the dude and Moon the lady) that don't want to dirfit a part but when you been a loner dirifter for meany years as these two have it's hard not to dirfit away. Lots of sex, drugs and rock in roll are coming for this ride. Based on meany true stories and events from the  world of the dirifters eyes. One for the bad guy a. They meet at a show and have ran into each other for time to time but no matter how much they love each other love it's a hard thing to understand stand when your always on the run with out a place to stay most nights and your high 24\7. Darkest of Dark comedy. ) 

The Playboy Club ( Like the failed t.v show but this one takes place in the early 60's when the playboy club house was in Chicago. An this movie is going to make Boogie Nights and The People vs Larry Flynt look like a G rated flicks. All based off true stories. A real man's movie for once. Staring all the hotties you can get your hands on. ) 

( or what ever just use one on my meany meany meany other ideas that are up on here like you have been for the past 3 years and never giving me any credit at all for it what so ever. An no i  never been paid even once. Hell i make more money standing in the background of movies than i do making them up. So f*ck you a*sholes! Beacause i will quit god d*mn it. )