Things i want to tell you what about to you all out there my good people of the world. Am HIYO!
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Additional Credits:
Hank Hill

Hank (Hill) jr

You know why them Keystone light are so cheap? its beacsuse you can't get drunk off them dang things. i'll tell you what i need to drink 30 of them just to get a buzz there so dang water down and sh*t.

I would tap the dust off Christen O' Donnnell's p*ssy! Yeah i would f*ck her so right i would turn her into a ho fo sho! i'll tell you what there good buddy.

Yep i would still put it in Meg Ryan's but i'll tell you what. (Because that p*ssy is beat SON!)

That Tony Romo cries more than my your does after having sex with me. i'll tell you what. ("JK i don't think i wasn't the one who f*ck anyway dude, if that make you feel any better about it brodeeman." i think?)

i know its wrong but some times i wonder what would be my nickname if i where a killer? i tell you what yinz people are lucky am still a vegan. FOR NOW!

Hell i got a little semi truck in my pants when Nacy Grace's titty poped out that one time. i'll tell you what. SH*T ! i was even hardder when Janet Jackson had that wardrove malfunction at the super bowl that one year. WOO! MAN do i love me big old titties i tell you what!

The Eagles are more like the nightmare team these day. Hell! They need to call up old Herschel Walker to be there new RB. i'll tell you what i bet he would be better than half the RB in the dang NFL.

Yo Brodee after you get done with that chickie your banging out nowadays you can just pass her on down my way there buddy! Because am going to work that ass so right! i'll tell you what there good buddy!

Am more f*cked than a hooker in LA on a saturday night, when the feeling is right I tell you what. my peepz! Because AM BROKE!

 i will  tell your ass right now the only things that keep me from getting sick or hungover after a long day/night of drinkin is smoke some herb before i pass that f*ck out. 

Like check it man it's like 420 i tell you what good buddy. 

what in the hell!

Rihanna being Named sexiest women in the world is like saying George W. Bush is the smartest man in world but i would put it to her anyways i tell you what my main man.

Hell its like you got to give jobs to keep a job now a days. i'll tell you what these rich people are f in evil i tell you EViL! yo. (HEY! i'LL eat you out for 10$ bucs sweetcheek. )"Daddy needs some 40oz"

Am going inpergnant someone with that dang 1% money i'll tell you what i don't even care if she fat, ugly and a total sl*t bag c*nt of a f*cking mag bitch what so as long as i get dat papper players.

Everyone knows that Bethenny Frankel wasn't saved from being lost at sea its more like she is lost in the head & she will never coming back. i'll tell you what good buddy that women has her head up her own ass bad. ("But she is hot so that makes up for everything.")

Coachella = Am on drugs i'll tell you what there dude. Now where is all the weed at!?

Shit! i'll tell you what! if i ever had to stop smoking weed (and i do because the judge said so) i would go on a killing spree at the same time that i drink my self to death you mother f*cker!!! "Fact is you all keep me on edge like crazy and it's stressing me the hell out!" 

This sh*t  is more like funny quer than funny Ha Ha. i'll tell you what.  AN YOU KNOW THiS MAN!

Man i'll tell you what am getting way to old to be beating off and or paying for someone to beat me off god lord i will tell your money ass what there my peepz.

i'll f*ckin tell you what there bud yep if things keep going as they are in world i just might have to end it all i tell you what by god.  

i tell you these are my shows am into right now Revoultions, Animal Practice, Guys with kids, Big Bang Terory, Vegas, How i Meet Your Mother and that one show Go On is what i be watchin sucka! (but that is only because am homeless and my portable tv only gets the Local NBC and CBS channels.)


An if your not down with that you can suck a nut out my butt i TELL YOU WHAT!