Some people watch shows and sports for the bloopers and the collateral damage that are not expected but inevitable. Game shows and other forms of reality television have some of the funniest and most outrageous mistakes that make them unpredictable and exciting. Here are 10 popular game show mistakes:

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March 20, 2012

William Hung Performs Ricky Martin’s She Bangs


If you haven’t seen this American Idol audition, you may have been living under a rock. This hilarious performance of “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin was performed by William Hung and will remain in the memories of all as one of the most hilarious game show moments.

Wheel Of Fortune...And Booze


Wheel of fortune is one of the oldest classics in reality TV and game shows that enchanted the hearts and hopes of millions. Who would have known that Pat Sajak enjoyed a few brews on the commercial breaks.

Make Whoopee? In The What??


This hilarious game show moment exists thanks to the newlywed woman misunderstanding the question – “where is the weirdest place that you have gotten the urge to make whoopee?” You’ll just have to watch to see her answer.



There are some words that should just never appear on family game shows that children may be viewing. The fact that kids may be watching it is ironically one of the things that make this clip so hilarious.

Name Something That Gets Passed Around


A joint. This scene from Family Feud gets the whole crowd roaring laughing when the contestant suggests that 100 people actually named “a joint” for something that gets passed around.

Is that a banana in your pocket?


Catchphrase was a popular game show that hit its peak in the 90s with host Roy Walker. Usually an innocent game, this amusing scene from Catchphrase revealed the perfect amount of the animation making this a game show moment to remember.

From The Game Show Where The Points Don’t Matter


Ok, so maybe this example is of a show that was meant to be hilarious in the first place. This is what happens when the Drew Carey Award had too much to drink.

A Group of Pill Pushers


Wheel of fortune deserves to make it on this list twice just because of the legacy it has created. That being said, this is one of the most hilarious guesses on Wheel of Fortune ever.

Smelly Ass – Why You Never Agree To Smell Things You Can’t See


There is not much that is funnier then to see one man stick his nose in another man’s rear end like they just met. At least dogs are polite enough to not throw up after a first impression.

No I’m Gay


This is another classic blooper from Family Feud in the late 1970s where the host, Tony Barber, accidently asks a boy if he has a boyfriend. When Barber embarrassingly corrected himself by asking “do you have a girlfriend,” the boy was quick on his feet to respond in jest “No, I’m gay.”

Some of the funniest television moments are the ones that are spontaneous and unscripted. When comedy is unpredictable, even some of the most immature and raw things become pee-your-pants-hilarious. What are some of your favorite game show goofs?

This great and hilarious list of Game Show Bloopers was put together by Ladbrokes Bingo.