About women and other drunken sayings you hear when at the bars.
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Additional Credits:
boneneral disease

O really bro? Really!

Am going to get her so trash tonight she is going to give me a plumkin job in the can here tonight dogz!

O sh*t son! Who ever that young sexyfide lady is over there is just gave me the worst case of the bonenereal disease ever dude. (a bonenereal disease is like herbs it just doesn't go away)

it looks like someone is geting pissed pants tonight. (then  u will sh*t your pants after passing out at the bar.) "GOOD TiMES"

Hey! Hey! Hey! Let me karaoke some Whitney Houston you d*ck licker. WOO! Karaoke!

the goose is loose brozilla an me like E.

Welcome to Cougarville USA my man, for it is time to knock that dust off some pussy !!!

i has gotz to blow my load tonight yo! So how much for an 8ball?

GD! Baby! You got me harder than a rubix cube.

YEAH i Sleeped with that chick before! The one right there am pointing at! her name is Jamie! SHE is  super freaky my man! Just bag it before you tag it! because you never know what Jamie the one am pointing at has these days! Hell she made me burn! if you know what am sayin! YEAH THAT ONE! Jamie!

We gotz mad Floozie up in here tonight son! An old dad here has gotz to get all up in me some tonight brodaga!  fo shoski !

F*ck this place just give me you mom's # so i can get some action tongiht big yah punk ass bitch.

WOW she strate up looks like a dude man.

I wouldn't even f*ck that bitch with and aids dick yo!

Man if we keep drinkin like this all night broz am going to be peeing out my b hole like crazy tomorrow dudes!

Girl i told you this guy was retarded!

i must be dreaming because am creaming for you big sexy.;-O

Where is the weed at?!

with them kind of moves on the dance on the dance floor i bet she would brake my d*ck off in the sac.

Now dat ass is finger licking good.

it's ok my wife isn't home.

it's cool babe. Am totally Bi.

Am VD free an sercumsized and everything.

i have seen a lot of camel toes in my day  but i have never seen the whole camel before.

she has more hair on her face than i do my ass bro!

HEY! its my burfday! WOO! Go Steelers!

Check out my new watch. its hafe pass my left nut and quarter till my ass.

buy me a drink you dirty little bitch.

What ever bro! i'll kick your ass an f*ck your nasty ass old lady anytime i feel like it dog!

is this a long jhon sliver beacause i smell fish! ("An old dad here wants me some bad!")

who has two thumbs and sticks them in your bum!? (This Guy!) "i also double fist" ;-)

Hey can i get a few brews for me and my boys over here, an hell get the lady a water also being it is her Birthday and all i guess i'll buy her some H20.

peace out pepz ! why? becuase i need to drop the kids off at the pool an i antz doing it here yo.

So are you going to f*ck her or what fag!

Am so going to pull an Andy Dick in the mother funker tonight boyz!

O yeah! i would so f*ck her but!

Man i need some drugs dog. because am f*cking Jones-in!

Hey me and my budies over here want to know if you want to ride the train tonight ;{O

Hey babe you got a little pink eye showin.O DANG GiRL! You just gave me riagamortis. Am i right or am right! Up Top!  

Take her easy and if she is easy taker her twice. VERY NiCE!

Get you some! Big Dog!

F*ck this sh*t! Am out like a boner in sweatpants.

PEACE ONE LOVE ONE LiFE you guys know your my boyz for 4Life YO! No but for f*ckin real and sh*t playerz. So much love Gz. Now bring it in.