fact i hope you don't own a gunn because you going to want to kill youself.

Are you young? Do you f*ck do f*ck? Do like to get fucked up? Are you rich? if so f*ck it and give me a call there ladies.

So i was playing football and the coach told me to run a down and out so i ran into the locker room and turned in my gear for good. An i have been running that same down and out ever since.

You know what sucks hard is that you can't even have sex on-line with out getting a virus. Like come on god it's not already bad enough i have STD's already. "But am clean right now and where not talking drugs ladies."

You see back in the day you used to take your lady to movies to get some ass but now days you have to take them into a bathroom at a night club after a few shots or in my case a whol lot of shots . Man i miss the old the days before 911 when you could get away with some sh*t like getting it on at the movies or banging in a softball dugout or some sh*t like that back in them days. An remember people there always watching.

Yeah i like my women like i like my coffee and that is a full of suger thick black and ice cold.

Did you know most people on drugs that OD and came back from it where keeped alive music and  there want of being a rock star that the music rises up in them. So the drugs addicts tell me.

Dang man i sat my balls all day long today and now my junk fell asleep.

Ladies sex with me is best in the dark with music on because no one wants to see what am working with. (An yes am single so im me yo.)

Soy "Milk" Give you bitches tits. An you can trust me on that one.

A you can re-use a rubber if the rubber that your turning insideout for a re-use was used by you the first time. (As long as you and your loved one are STD free.)

The less you think the more you do.  ( just look at me i never think ever an look how much sh*t i can get done on here.

smoking a pack of j's keeps the doctor away ( because you will never remember what day or time your dr. appointment is on.) 

people i want to punch in the face to no end.

Neil Huntington the Pittsburgh Pirates GM. Because his  a cheap ass and his a big time dumbass.

Ted Nugent (Why because his a load mouth dip shit of a want to be hick and that can not play music  worth a sh*t anymore.)

Mitt Romeny Because i want to punch the money out of him. (An say offshore this you homophobic tool.

Barack Obama so i could punch the white out of him. Because his a corporate puppet just like the rest of them when the het is on. An you can always tell his talking down to use. Yep i got a none stop right hand for that BS.

Anyone from The Jersery shore. Lets just thank god that it's over!

Any of them Real Housewives i would never hit a lady ever over anything but i will hit a bitch and as hard as i can with lefts and rights over and over agian.

Any guy with that metro sexual look. Am Punch you so much that finally come out the closest. it's for you own good.

The NHL oweners/players and am not stoping untill the lockout is over.

Most Cops. i know your just doing your job and the law is the law an all but why are you always picking on little old me.

Lindsay Lohan would get a good old ruff ridin double fist that never ends on both ends. Because like i said i don't hit ladies but i will hit a bitch.  

Mark Madden you know that fat guy who thinks he knows everything about everything that can't hold a job but yet is rich as f*ck. Because his way past do to shut the f*ck up already stage. (But he does know his sh*t when it comes to sports.)

well i gotz to run and clean up because my arm pitts are bleeding from all the swinging am doing at the air. NOW WHERE iS MY DA*N BEER !

The Mcmahon family so f*ck you Vince, f*ck you HHH, f*ck you Stephanie but Shane O Mac your cool.  an Blow me WWE! 

An if you don't like this then i want to punch your mom in the face for raising you like a tight ass dork yah punk ass.

myself (Check that am doing that to myself right now along with the nut shots.)

( Feel free to kill me anytime now because my life is sh*t.) 

All the GOD heads. ( and i'll see you hell if you think this is funny.) 

Bill Gates ( or anyone that is really rich that just keep on getting richer.) 

Kid Rock A

all the emo people world. 

eveyone! HAHAHA