Sure, we blew Japan up. But then, being the nice guys we are, we rebuilt them. And how do they thank us? First it was better cars. Now the Japanese are making our infomercials for $20 spray shoe stretchers and Ron Popeil's hair spray look like something straight out of a joke shop. Courtesy of the Japan Trend Shop.
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Published: January 31, 2013

Oder Elimination Panties

For $67 you can get Odor Elimination Panties, which claim to “kill 95% of gas and sweat” and made for anyone who “worries a lot about smells”.


I’m worried what the other 5% smells like


Face Slimmer Mouthpiece

The face slimmer mouthpiece. At $69, what will they think of doing with silicone next?


Oh, I forgot- they already have-


Face Tightener

Designed with her in mind, this face mask tightens cheeks.

It also is very useful at eliminating annoying questions like “Where have you been?” and “Who is she?”


Dog Bowl Camera

Want to webcam with your dog? For $726 you can have the Dog Bowl Camera, which allows owners to see Fido at mealtime




But be careful what you ask for-



Anti Aging Mouthpiece

Billed as an inexpensive way to avoid botox and cosmetic surgery, this anti-aging mouthpiece tightens cheeks and jaw muscles.

Seriously, if you walked in on your mate with this stuck in their puss, wouldn’t you have a moment of self-reflection questioning what the hell have you been thinking and are you really this desperate?


                                        “Holy Chikusho! It’s Godzilla!”