We are a bunch of Brits, who film ourselves doing things normal people wouldn't even dream of. So, why do we do this? Well, in this poor financial climate, we are trying to get our name out there as we believe we should make our own jobs, not merely rely on others. Things we've done; Eaten Capsaicin (pepper extract at 16 million scouville units) Stapled all parts of our anatomy Abused testicles Sword swallowing Gavage Stomach content drinking These are just a few things we do, so if your into this kinda sick shit, then come over to Youtube, Screwball Crew and subscribe to us to see a new video every Friday :) http://www.youtube.com/user/screwballcrew?feature=results_main

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Matt Lollins, Kiz Bartlett, Paul Swampy Collins, Mike Dean, Nick Moore, Greg Collins, Marc 'Lippes' Gerrie, Paul Doherty.

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Screwball Crew

A'hoy there! 

We are Screwball Crew and we have been going for 4 months and we have over 89,000 views on YouTube with over 850 subscibers. We're a bunch of nutters who all agree that pain is funny, and we try and push the envelope to bring you the best extreme entertainment around.


We're self funded, and looking for a partnership so we can then afford to push the boundaries even further of experiencing pain, to video, just for you :) 

Screwball Crew looking to grow BIG!

We have just been to Summer In The City, London and from what we have already done, we've been told that we re accelerating fast as we have only been around for four months, asnd in this time we have over 89,000 views and over 850 subscibers.

Won't you come and join the fun, and see some awesome stunts every Friday :D