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-Incest my Ass!!! That girl's got a purtty mouth

-Winslow Jenkins pitches

-Daddy said it was good touch

-Incest Sanctuary

-At least it isn't Aids

-The Master-Baiters

-Taint Shavers

-It's not a blister dude, it's an in-grown hair

-Cowardly cowards

-Shower Cap Chronicles

-Calloused Falice

-Take a hint bitch, if I wanted a relationship I would've picked up the first time you called

-Beaufont Baby killers

-Delivery Room? Go get my knife

-Only if she's Jewish

-Prince Barry pops cherries

-Carlos Mencia has a new show

-hotties gone haggard ( the curse of your late 20's / 30's)

-Crack Stew

-Will it fit in your ear?

-Sir Walter Mackanerny donkey punches Claire

-Remember that time I said I was joking? I wasn't

-Blind dates and dumb bitches

-Cooch Cooch and Bulldog

-Fist Bumps and Chipmunks

-Your friends kids and the funny thing they did the other day

-Republicans got talent (hosted by Glen Beck)

-Burn Notice

-Tyler Perry's Madea takes it Deep... really, really deep.

-Flash Mob in Rush Hour

-Law and Order: Abused Animal Unit (Starring Sarah McLachlan and that chick from Just Shoot Me)

-Richard Gere's Hamster Hour

-Paula Dean's Cookin' Bacon Naked (Only in HD)

-Rick Perry's How To Read Good

-Tyler Perry's Madea's date with Uncle Tom

-Mustache Ridin Cross 'Merika Hosted by that hot chick at work you wish would take a hint or look in a mirror and see that shit already (Seriously, how the fuck does she not see that? She must have an ugly friend that needs a leg up on the Hound Doggin)

-Jersey Shore (The Summer of free clinic)