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May 14, 2011

Bop It

While fun to play with friends, I always looked at it and, like a GE Engineer, wondered about potential other uses. Four of them to 'tickle the senses' no less. Spin off of the less popular (and non FDA approved) "Pop It", which broke many a vaginal sheath.

Let your imaginations run wild. And have plenty of extra "C's".


This is the minor league warm up to Ben Wa Balls. Sizes of the balls vary. Invent your own games in conjunction with Bop It. See you in a few weeks.

OK Ladies-- Super Pro Time!

Lite Bright

I always caught myself trying to recreate pictures from the Kama Sutra.

I'm not a good artist and I'd end up with this.

Mystery Date

The jingle was catchy. I identified with the 'bum'. I'm waiting for the updated Justin Bieber version. Used in conjunction with 1 & 2, guaranteed to make a room grounding not quite so bad.

Easy Bake Oven

Perfect for the munchies or unexpected party guests. You HAD to be high to enjoy this mixture of undercooked flour and frosting that was close to mud.

And watch out for that 60 watt bulb! Much more dangerous than Bop It.

Making two layer cakes counts as 2 credits at most culinary schools. Rachael Ray credits her beginings here.