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Bringing out The Dead ( the t.v show ) and Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors ( The movie )
Published March 19, 2013 More Info »

Bringing out The Dead ( the t.v show )

Bringing Out The Dead ( The new rated t.v MA t.v show very very very loosely based off the book and movie. This time where out in Pittsburgh PA for this show. So the year is 2014 An are newly divorced single guy with out kids that works EMS. Frank Pierce ( Jerry Supiran ) is a burned-out paramedic who works the graveyard shift in a two-manambulance team with various different partners. Usually exhausted and depressed, he has not saved any patients in months and begins to see the ghosts of those lost, especially a homeless teenage girl named Rose whose face appears on the bodies of others. Frank is slowly beginning to lose his mind and his drinking on the job. An each week we show one full graveyard shift. So each week a new shift. A trippy show for the EMS people of the world. Rated t.v MA dark comedy show. Now that is a must do. "Look jerry really needs the work and i really want to see this a t.v show so please for the love of all that is good make this God d*mn f*cking show for us all CBS or what ever channel just do it up already for the love of God !". An get my boy Larry Charles to make this show and i am telling you world this is going to be a classic for sure you all and you f in know it bros ! No lie.+ Jerry needs to get his off the streets of L.A. So help a brother out big wiggers and hook it up G ! Now i need a drink stat ! T.V has never even come close to a t.v show like this ever at all what so ever people !   Put who ever you want in this show just f*cking make the d*mn thing already f*ckers ! )


Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 3D

Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 3D ( The best warrior in the land, Kuros  ( Brad Pitt ), as he explores the land of Sindarin to defeat the evil wizard Malkil. This time, Malkil has taken the form of the four "Elementals", based on the Greek classical elements – Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water – to stop Kuros in his quest. The objective is to assemble the legendary "IronSword", the only weapon that can defeat Malkil, and defeat the evil wizard who lies at the peak of IceFire Mountain. Based off the old game ironsword: Wiards & Warriors 2 ( you know the one with Fabio on the cover ). An a new remake of the video game for PS4 and Xbox1 is a must do as well. An the game and the movie will come out at the same time. So the game will really make you want to go see the movie. An then buy it when it comes out on DVD and what there big dogs. Rated PG 13. and Rated teen for the game. Magic and ass kicking. Who doesn't love that kind of sh*t you know !  + Anything Brad Pitt is a hit and you know it bros.)