Well since Emma Dashwood is my favorite pro wrestler wrestling today i got some ideas for her push to the top of the W.W.E.
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Emma Dashwood gets a push from the W.W.E.

( Easy stuff first and then i'll work up to some outside of the box ideas for Emma in her push. ) 

Emma wins a Divas battle royal becomes #1 contender for the Divas title and she wins her title shot becomes new Diva champ. 

Emma a Divas contract on a pole match becomes #1 contender and goes on to become Divas champ for there my friends. 
( All the divas not champ are in the match trying to get the contract of the pole but Emma gets the contract ) 

Emma calls out the Divas Champ beats her and so since she bet the champ she becomes #1 contenders for the Divas Title and then she beats the Divas champ again in her title shot match and becomes the Divas Champ. 

Emma wins a #1 contender tournament and goes on to beat the champ becoming the new Divas champ. 

Emma sells out for a shot at the Divas Gold and she wins the gold and then turn her back on the authority. 

Other ideas for Emma

Put Emma in a mixed tag team match vs The i.C. champ and the Divas champ and if Emma's team wins and they do Emma gets a shot at the Divas title and her partner gets a shot a the i.C. Gold. Emma goes on to win the Divas Gold. 

Emma put her job on the line for a shot a the Divas World Title. An Emma wins new champ ! 

Emma work her way from the bottom to the top by going on a roll by beating every single Diva on the roster making her the #1 contender and she go on from their to win the Divas Gold. 

Emma wins a divas money in the bank match. 

Emma wins a 4 way match to become new #1 contender and from there she goes on to become the Divas Champ. 

Emma jumps the Divas champ so the Divas champ gets so pissed that she puts her title on the line just so she can get her hands on Emma and Emma wins and Emma becomes the new Divas Champ. 

Emma gets called out by the Divas champ because the Divas champ thinks she is a push over , An so Emma talks the Divas champ into putting the Gold on the line in their match since she is so confident she can win. An Emma wins and becomes new champ. 

Emma wins a 2 on 1 handicap match to become #1 contender and from there she goes on to win the Divas Gold. 

Emma blackmails Stephanie Mcmahon into getting a Divas Titles Shot that she wins and becomes Divas champ. Because Emma seen Stephanie kissing Fandango backstage on RAW.

Emma Beats a male superstar to get a shot a divas gold and from there she wins and becomes divas champ. 

Emma beats Stephanie Mcmahon in a match to become #1 contender for the Divas Gold and then she becomes Divas champ. 

Emma feels in for the #1 contender after she gets jumped before her title match by the Divas champ and so Emma feel in the #1 contender spot and goes on to win the match and becomes the Divas Champ. 


Emma would be good for Total Divas 
Emma would make for a good Barb Wire 

Emma in the movies baby ! ( i will think up of some roles for her ,  just not on this post ) 

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