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Things that should make a come back.
Published February 26, 2011 More Info »
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Published February 26, 2011

Making a comeback baby !

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling on T.V. 

Pauly Shore the actor. 

Liquid T.V.

Barb Wire the comic book series. 

The XFL 


A new SEGA video game console every 3 years. 

A new Atari video game console every 5 years. 

American Gladiators 

Pros vs Joes 

zima beer in the U.S.A. 


Rock and Jock 

The Pittsburgh Condors in the N.B.A. 

more things i wish would make a comeback

Steubenville Stampede the iFL team 

The iFL team the Ohio Valley Greyhounds back in Wheeling. 

Pro Independent league baseball in Weirton W.V. at the Jimmy Carey Stadium. ( or any other Pro independent league sports Team will do just fine there a. )

Montreal Expos at Olympic Stadium ( Just fix up the old Stadium for the love of God ! )

The Hartford Whalers 

Vegan Veggie Burgers and buns at Burger King ( So a vegan person like myself can eat for god dang fast food son ! ) 

Funk music 

Soul Train 

New Twisted Metal games 

Contra games 

The Critic 


The Tick 

God the Devil and Bob 

Stroker and Hoop 

That short lived A.B.C. from back in 1996 called Townies  ( Same cast ) 

The Oblongs 


Cystal Pepsi 

Surge soda pop 

W.W.E. Pro Wrestling Big Gulps at 7\11 

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