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Cracking The Case (So it's 1991 in LA where X FBi agent ( who was fired for being drunk and stoned on the job ) the drunk ass pot head Matt Locke ( Pauly Shore ) is a now working independently as a Dick you know a private eye detective. An he is living \ working out of an old run down hotel. An so his he gets a call from a hooker he sleeps named Leah LoveJoy aka Joy (  Amanda Dow ) about a investigating of missing 3 hookers Candis Wu aka Candy ( Yoko Hori ), Tichina Timberland aka T.T (  Nadia RiverStone ), and  Chrissie Cooley aka Miss. Cool ( Corina Taylor ) have all been kidnapped by the king of snuff porn Jacob Wright ( Chris Pallies aka King Kong Bundy ) was is a mail man by day and by night he is kidnapping hookers one by one so he can make snuff porn an then sale his porn on the black market for cash money.  So since the cops don't give two shits about these hookers Matt Locke and Barbie LoveJoy team up so they can track down this creep Jacob Wright and but a stop to him before Tichina, Chrissie and Candis all get killed in Jacob Wright's latest snuff film like all the other hookers who where killed in the making of his snuff flicks before these 3 young ladies. An so in the end the Jacob Wright end up in prison for life. The hookers are saved and they all stop hooking and get real jobs as waitress in LA. An as for Matt and Leah they fall in love and Leah stops hooking and becomes his partner not only in life but also as private eye. A very sick and twisted but funny as Hell dark comedy with happy ends all around.  Rated R. Real underground cult classic stuff. An this movie will be a Vince Offer made movie. Freaky shit but damn good. ) 

The Ocean Blues

The Ocean Blues ( A recently divorced man ( for the 2nd time and now his homeless, because his now 2nd X wife the actress Miss. Lisa Hart ( Yasmine Bleeth ) who has kick him out of her house and now she is now f*cking the pool man for her kicks.) So yeah his struggling middle aged comedian named Rob Jacobs ( Pauly Shore ) who takes a bartender job on a singles cruise ship own by his swinger big brother the wild man John Jacobs ( Bobcat Goldthwait )  where Rob Jacobs he hopes for his big chance to make it in the world of cruise ship comedy. An on this singles cruise Rob Jacobs meets the newly single cougar ( no kids because it turns out her x hubby Paul Johnson ( Ant ) was gay the whole time ! ) the new cruise ship manager Miss. Mary Parks ( Eloise Dejoria ) she is a little old than Rob and Rob is into younger chicks but they fall in love anyways with each other baby. An so in the end Rob Jacobs turns down his own stand up special on the T.V. So he stay on as a bartender \ stand up comic for his big brother on the singles cruise liner so he can be with the cougar of his dreams his manager Mary Parks. Happy ends all around in this weird wacky and kind of dark rom-com made by Bocat Goldwait. Good times. ) 

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