T.V. Show

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling on T.N.T. and T.B.S. in the old W.C.W. time slots. 

N.W.A. Power Hour on Tuesdays 5pm - 6pm on iON. 

Ren and Stimpy Adult Party on Adult Swim. 

New seasons of Futurama on Netflix. 
FA ( So independent sports talent agent Peter Jacobs covers any and all sports athletes of the world , his small town old fashion ways doing things makes it hard to keep up with the big dogs. You know being a independent sport agent ain't as easy as it sounds my friends. Anways Peter Jacobs is 35 year old divorced no kids ( his fault his a loser shes out  )  can't get the big name players but he make do always pulling something out of his to make things work out for everyone like magic you dig. A guess what his asistent Sally Rogers is the brains around here is banging the boss. Think D team just enough club but they get pay sitcom comedy crap just some for good old fun.  Really it's about Sally Rogers and Peter Jacobs being in love but don't tell know one as in cover it up with sports stuff ;-) 

Old School dating games shows should make a come back like love contention and crap like that for the mornings Vs the other games shows on in the day. 

Varsity Blues the T.V. Series 

The Program into a T.V. series 

Rudy The t.v. series 

League of Their Own the t.v. series 

Turn that old movie Mr. Baseball into a Rated T.V. MA series. 

Slam Ball 

Pros Vs Joes 

The Scout turn that into a show. 

The Sandlot into a t.v. series. 


Bayou Billy ( Edge a Bayou Billy in a new W.W.E. movie that is rated R based off the comic book version of The Adventures of Bayou Billy. ) 

Contra 3D ( Starring The Rock and John Cena ) 

Darkman 3D ( The Animated movie ) 

Creepshow 4  in 3D 

A silent film shot in black and white on tape remake of the 1932 movie The Mummy. 

Bride of the Head of The Family finally gets made ! 

A all new live action Johnny Bravo movie. 

A rated R remake of Brian's Song. 

Major League 4 : Back to Majors 

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