Shark Tank me , because this here is an idea is for starting up a new independent pro wrestling promotion called Wild Championship Wrestling ( W.C.W. )
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Wild Championship Wrestling ( W.C.W. )

Spinal Pro Wrestling Alliance ( 2015 -  )
Head Owner: Jacob Stetar
Commentary team : Todd Keneley & Jacquelina Moore
GM \ Head of creative : Vince Russo 
Training School \ Headquarters : Costonia 674 County Road 56, Toronto , O.H. 43964 ( The Turnkey Warehouse ) 
Live Events: Filmed @ St. John Arena in Steubenville O.H. 
Channel : 
( All events will live stream on the Channel for free with the age restriction on. Age Restriction on all the S.P.W.A. videos. ) 
( 18 and up only ) 
( Make sure to hit up the Donation Button for the S.P.W.A. ) 
( where the women get time and get pushed ) 

S.P.W.A. Roster

GM: Vince Russo calls all the shots. 
Roster :
Toshiaki Kawada
Harlem Bravado 
Lance Bravado
Trent Barreta 
Kenny Dykstra
Sonjay Dutt 
Arya Daivari
Curt Hawkins
Armando Estrada
Colin Delaney 
Ultimo Dragon
Tony Atlas
Paul London
James Yun
Buff Bagwell 
Chris Masters 
Mason Ryan 
Chris Sabin 
Chris Hero 
Tiger ali Singh 
Jinder Mahal
Justin Gabriel 
Sick Boy 
Kevin Thorn 
Athena Reese 
Tomoka Nakagawa 
Yumi Ohka 
Kellie Skater 
Lei'D Tapa 
Taeler Hendrix 
Josette Bynum 
Trenesha Biggers 
Christie Ricci 
April Hunter 

7 Tag Team  ( members of the tag team already listed on the roster )
The Bravado Brothers ( Lance and Harlem Bravado )
The Headbangers ( Mosh and Thrasher ) 
Crime Time ( JTG and Shad ) 
Blood Brothers ( Kevin Thorn and Gangrel )
The Flock ( Sick and Lodi ) 
The Buff Masters ( Chirs Masters and Buff Bagwell )
The Tigers ( Tiger Ali Singh and Tiger Raj Singh aka Jinder Mahal ) 
( An yes all of the tag members are also singles division pro wrestlers. )

( All epsiodes will be posted on funny or die. ) 

Live on T.N.A. and T.B.S. in the old W.C.W. time slots. 

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