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T.V. Show

Buck Rogers ( a new syfy channel re-make t.v. series. You know Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ) Billion Dollar Bionics ( The Bionics Woman & The Billion Dollar man together in a new show loosely based off both old shows. ) The Mike Tyson vs James Tony fight on H.B.O. Stroker and Hoop comes back for one more season in a  Adult Swim Thursday Night Movie thing. The Critic cartoon becomes a live a action t.v. sitcom. Duckman back for a new season on USA. The Brak Show should make a come back. Space Ghost Cost to Cost  with all new episodes on the web at as a weekly talk show. Battle of the bands on VH1. For Da Love of Money ( Dre Mitchell is about to find out that being rich, or at least having everyone think you are rich can be a bitch. A thief steals cash from an armored truck crash and stashes the loot in Dre's backyard. Before the thief can get the money back, a homeless man finds it. This happens the exact same time that Dre has some money and everybody wants a piece of the pot, including his "girlfriend,-)Yes based off the movie. ) Fucking in the Country ( A sex in the city for men. About 4 single dudes in their 40's that live out in the Country.  ) The Mask ( the Animated Series makes a come back but at a T.V. 14 rating this time so they can go all edge e and what not on it you see now ! FXX  or AS or W.W.E. Network or what have you.  ) 


Kojak : the movie in 3D  ( You know based off the old T.V. show Kojak )  Futurama the movie. Code Monkeys the movie.  Betel juice ! Betel juice ! Betel juice !  Arliss the movie.