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Weiner recently admitted to using the name Carlos Danger in sexual correspondences between himself and an unnamed woman, subsequently causing the internet to break. Here's a quick roundup of some of our favorite tweets regarding the mayoral candidate's latest "weiner" scandal.
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Published July 23, 2013

Somewhere, Chazz Palminteri stares, stunned, at the words "Carlos Danger" on the list of cocktails at Guy Fieri's restaurant. — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) July 23, 2013

Carlos Danger is also the name of the House Republicans' new immigration bill. — Alex Baze (@bazecraze) July 23, 2013

Not at all surprised Anthony Weiner's first pet was named Carlos. — Mike Scollins (@mikescollins) July 23, 2013

"Carlos Danger" sounds like Jan's other imaginary boyfriend on the Brady Bunch. — albertina rizzo (@albz) July 23, 2013

"I think Carlos Danger is a great name." - Kim and Kanye — Eliza Bayne (@ElizaBayne) July 23, 2013

Why not Charles Danger? Tired of politicians outsourcing all the good jobs. — Sean Thomason (@TheThomason) July 23, 2013

Wait, wait, wait. Anthony Weiner was THE Carlos Danger? — Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker) July 23, 2013

I just imagine that Carlos Danger's profile pic was a taco filled with fire. — Steve Amiri (@SteveAmiri) July 23, 2013

After Carlos Danger, my handle Juanita Puts-Out just sounds stupid. — Jennifer L. (@TheFearBoners) July 23, 2013

The texts I send as Pablo Safety are just fully clothed Sears menswear mannequins. — John Moe (@johnmoe) July 23, 2013

“Man, Carlos Danger is a stupid name for an alter ego.” - Garth Brooks — Emily Volman (@emilyvolman) July 23, 2013

Sure, girls may want to date Carlos Danger, but they'll marry Carlos Security. — Ruth Graham (@publicroad) July 23, 2013