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May 07, 2012

Strangers with Candy

"Jerri" (Amy Sedaris) takes on the persona of an abusive husband and verbally destroys classmate "Tammy Littlenut" during a class assignment on parenting that has supplied the students with live babies.

"Will you shut that thing up!  . . . I’m sorry.  So sorry.  Look at my little lamb.  What you so frightened about, huh?  I’d never hit you.  I’d never hit ya.  I just got this temper, you see?  I just get so frustrated when you don’t listen.  Huh?  You understand?  Huh?  I need you to say that you understand."

Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader playing Dateline's Keith Morrisson

Hader impugns the moral character and sanity of tv host Keith Morrisson by positing that he was psychologically scarred as a child by seeing a dead birthday clown floating in a pool, hence his attraction to the morbid, true-crime stories that he presents on Dateline.

"When I was 4 years old I saw a birthday clown drown in a pool.  He just…floated."


Bill Hader as tv host Keith Morrisson


"Wanda," played by Jamie Foxx, has a man tied to her headboard and he is so disgusted he pulls the headboard off.  This sketch is ranked in a poll as one of the funiest moments ever on tv.