Tweets from abyss- about a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting a man that claimed to be Medium John Edwards’s’s’s protégé. He is “Plato to Socrates.” After being struck by lightening at the redneck renowned Mud Slayer mud bog in Fort Wayne, Ind.(dumbest town in America circa 1995) he claims to speak with dead celebrities and inanimate objects, etc. pass on their thoughts in (offensive? You bet your sweet ass) 140 characters or less. Enjoy and take as the truth, he makes Russell Crowe in a beautiful mind and Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man” look like Tugg Speedman in “Simple Jack” He has no name… he is “The Seer,” he has seen the mountain top and realized he’s afraid of heights. (Some material is dated)
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Che Guevara- "Stop just fucking stop, the posters, the shirts,everything, just stop me relating to you is like Glen Beck relating to MLK


#QuicksandScenesInMovies- @movieindustry I thought we had a good thing going. After everything we'€™ve been through

Ronald Reagan- @Republicans you guys really need to check my track record #idiots #fail #whathavewedone

Jesus H. Christ- "Finally got my Farrah Fawcett poster autographed!!! Thanx Dad!!!! ;)

Sam Kinison- "@PeopleWhoThinkItsCoolOrFunnyToScreamLikeMe SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY! That shit is annoying."


David Carradine- "My only regret is not finishing."


Suicide Bomber- "@Terrorists WTF? This is not what I was promised! FMAL


KurtCobain- "@CourtneyLove you make Yoko Ono look like Mother Theresa."


The Moon- @BilloReilly Dude WTF?


Jeffrey Dahmer- "Had another wonderful dinner with my special guy @Satan! Somebody's rounding thirrr-rd! ;)"


Chivalry- @women You have no one to blame but yourself

Jesus H. Christ-"@Republicans stop fucking up things that I said and things that I meant."


Ronald Reagan-@Republicans stop fucking up things that I said and things that I meant."

Hitler- @GlenBeck keep up the good work! You got potential kid! ;)


Charlie's Sheen's liver- HELP!


GulfOilSpill- "@AmericanMedia still here guys."


Jerry Falwell- "Heaven is a lot hotter than I thought it would be" #errorofways #hypocrisyeatstheearlyworm karmaaintitabitch


Thomas Paine- " @GlenBeck, hey asshole you've got me confused with that other guy you're always talking about. #GlenBeck #CommonSense #Idiot


Jesus H. Christ- "Just took measurements with @JohnLennon... he was wrong. #aswrongaspostingthattweettwit

#MaryMagdalene- @JesusHChrist Imagine that! ;) #toofardudetoofarindeed #uptheante


Founding Fathers- @AllNonWhitePeople- "All men are created equal," we meant it then and we mean it now

Founding Fathers- @AllNonWhitePeople. If we were racist why would we give so many NonWhitePeople a job? Think about it...


Founding Fathers- @AllNonWhitePeople- NAHHH! We're all racist assholes! Jokes on you bitches!

Common Sense- "@America you guys are fucking idiots."


Thomas Jefferson- "We called it cab fare in my day not jungle fever, think about it."

Success- @ Americans I know we haven't been on speaking terms for some time but wait for Trump to announce his next business venture, sell everything you own and invest in failure

Chris Farley- @Sandler no matter how loud that asshole screams he's never gonna be me. #KevinJamesIsAHackAtBest

-#MainGoalInLife- Cure aids... that's puttin mad hoes, sluts, and buckets back on the market #MostOffensiveTweetEver #PleaseDontKillMeKarma

What's the over-under on number of watermelons Ghallager has banged? #alot

Someone asked me to explain God in the face of starving Africans and people in 3rd world countries.

              -I told him they were racist in a former life

                   -Whoa, whoa, whoa #YouDidNotJustSayThat ?