CBS bought 20-Nothings, a comedy based on the #hollywoodassistants gif tumblr. More gif tumblr projects immediately followed. Because animated gif tumblrs are full of rich and fascinating stories.

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October 10, 2012

20-Nothings: half-hour comedy based on #HollywoodAssistants

The one that started it all: Five over-educated 20-nothings live in Los Angeles and do whatever it takes to achieve their Hollywood dreams.


Growing Younger: half-hour comedy based on WhatShouldWeCallMe

5 years after graduating, four boring Nebraska high school stoners decide to move to the capital and complain about life on the internet.


Media MisManaged: hour comedy-drama based on WhatHappensInMediaPlanning

A group of business school friends found a startup media agency in Chicago. But when no one gives a shit about what they do, they turn to tumblr to validate their existence.


Bar Hopping : half-hour comedy based on #WhenInLawSchool

Four law school students study their asses off during the week, but they let it allllll hang out on the weekends. They think they're cool but in actuality their life is pretty boring and meaningless.


Off Track: half-hour comedy based on WhatHappensInTheMusicBiz

A recent college graduate works for a Nashville country/pop agent at his country music mogel father's encouragement. But he doesn't really give a shit about much of anything and spends 11/12ths of his day surfing the web.


Shit: hour drama based on HowDoIPutThisGently

After graduating with a BS in Communication, five lazy motherfuckers attempt to feel connected to the world around them by posting gifs on a tumblr.