jokes based on three news stories for the week of October 31st 2011.

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November 06, 2011

Roger Moore

Earlier this week Roger Moore during a interview said that he couldn't understand Sean Connery's accent.

this now means that the list of people that don't understand Sean Connery's accent features everyone on planet earth.
Sean Connery responded to this comment but nobody's really sure what he said.                       

Pete Townsend

Also this week Pete Townshend compared Apple's iTunes executives to "vampires" for "bleeding" musicians this was followed by his master plan to kill the head vampire and the the disappointment of hearing cancer got there first.

The Mini Monet

Theres a child artist in London who is known as the "Mini Monet" this week its his first gallery opening. Unfortunately he's unable to attend as the openings past his bed time.but he's still in charge and has ordered that wine not be served.
But milk and cookies will be available.