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Try this at home.
Published February 22, 2011 More Info »

Am so hard right now my pee pee is going to break off !

when f*cking your old lady put a squirt gun up her butt and squirt away because it's sure to get her squirting away champ.  When getting it on with your lady bang some drugs up into her clit and it's sure to get her light up baby !  Jump on the train gang and you know what am sayin ladies }'-O an this train is taking a few trips to pound town honey.  D.V.D.A.D.M with a side of pee and poo o yes am talking Double dicks in the pussy hole double dicks in the ass hole and double dicks the mouth hole and an add a little Pee and Poo on  top of your baby boo and she will be lovin it !  Choke you man out when do the cowgirl.  Make your man eat you out like your doing 69 but headbut his nuts super hard a shit load of times that is sure to get them rocks off.  Double fist your mans butthole when giving him a BJ with very hot tea in your mouth. 

Cum one cum all

Have an orgy in a fire !  Let your freak flag fly by using some flags in your sex act.  Get it on inside a locker. Orgy time in my locker !  Have sex when you dance like the kids do these days.  Wrestling each other when having sex is always a good time in a Orgy. Talk about body slamming !  Jump in a mud pit and get it on ! A lick each other buttholes at the time is always a good way to get this kicked into gear honey.  Hang upside down in the air and do it the dairyair sweetcheeks. PMS sex. Bleed on honey pie.  The classic cut each other when doing it up.  420 sex get it on at 420 when getting high on the weed when doing her up big guys.  F*ck it just f*ck each other to death.